Commit To Fit: 3-4 Months

I haven’t gone off my plan of commit to fit and yet I feel as if I have. Oops! Weight loss is a fickle thing at times. One minute you lose some weight and the next it is back. Then again the law of physics plays a cruel joke on you and no matter where you put the scale in the house, you have a range of weights! Then again why am I weighing myself? Isn’t healthy measured not by how much you weight, but how your body feels? Ugh! Even a biologist like myself has a hard time answering this very question. A friend of mine who is a dietitian determines healthy by the things you eat that help the body better function. Then again it doesn’t matter what you read, it will be wrong at some point. Anyways…..


In the past two months it has been a roller coast ride in weight loss, and being on a healthy living kick. I could say all the hard work done in January on Whole30 came undone in the month of February. How can a short month cause me to derail my diet? STRESS!!! Its’ not like I ate a whole bag of M&Ms every day, but it felt like I did. February stresses me out. Even the thought of it right now stresses me out! The whole month was stressful, and instead of me losing the weight like a normal person, I gained weight back! Ugh! My inner fatty kept telling me I needed bread!

There's no louder sound than the crunch of something you're not supposed to be eating.:

March was crawling back into trying to be healthy again until the Girl Scouts decided to hawk their wears outside the grocery store. Who can resist thin mints? Yep though so! I had to have not just thin mints (hey don’t judge! I know you went crazy too!) but the Samoa and the s’mores. Damn those s’mores were good! They better be back next year! Also, the weather sucked again. Talk about the weird weather in February (snow every Monday) to being washed out in March. Even the treadmill is guilt tripping me to stay longer on it. Motivation is hard at times, and even with all the Pinterest motivation quotes, it was still hard to get my butt in gear to do anything with the world exercise in the title. Even stocking the Tumblr called Commit To Fit wasn’t helping either. Just seeing all of my classmates walking around with athletic wear and drinking protein shakes didn’t motivate this late twenty-year-old into exercising.

You can say the last two months has been derailing my diet and having no motivation to exercise. Is this normal? Apparently, it is when you think about the bleak days of winter in Seattle. Just hoping the next month will be better and this exercise funk will be over with spring here.

This is funny... but it's not ACTUALLY kale, right?...:


Commit To Fit: 1st Month

Usually people start their new year’s goal on January first, but I wanted to get a head start on mine over the holidays.

This year I want to commit to a healthy and fit year. Since completing my first half marathon this past year, I have been slacking in the healthy eating department. Up to this point I have been eating as if I was running all those calories off which is not true. Oops!

img_1396As you can tell I have put on some weight! Not my most proud moment :(. In the last six months after my half marathon I gained roughly fifteen pounds of weight from stress eating (college and work) and healing from an injury from running. Even freshman 15 can happen at any age. In the coming year I want to reset, and start living a healthier life again.

img_1665In one month there was little change from the above picture, but little things did happen in the last month. Started drinking more water (64oz), cut back on the Christmas desserts, and started drinking green tea matcha three times a day (better than coffee!).

The only thing I did not start was the Whole30 because as Melissa Hartwig puts it clearly, being on the Whole30 during the holidays is recipe for trouble. So I saved my second round of Whole30 for January’s Whole30 challenge. I am hoping this second time wont be as challenging as some people have said. Just have to wait to see at the end of the thirty days.

Image result for whole30

With one month down, and eleven more to go, let see where this goal will take me!