Finding Lovely In My Twenties

Finding lovely in moments of life. As I move on to the next decade of my life, I want to reflect on the lovely moments in my twenties. The small details that are at times overlooked during a period of life when learning to be an adult is the hardest. Where the bigger picture in one’s head drowns out the smaller pictures making up the bigger one. This is what being twenty is about, finding lovely and looking for lovely in the smaller aspects of life.

Her proposal was a trail of bibles with each one flipped and highlighted with a bible verse about love, commitment, and marriage leading to her future husband. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?! Someone please inform my future husband!!!!!!!!:

I’ve made most of my twenties by working hard at my jobs and played a fair amount along the way. I ran half marathons, ran from God and then ran back to him and flung my arms around his neck saying please don’t let go. I have read countless books on many topics. I ate a lot, stopped eating, then started eating differently, and more healthy. Developed healthier relationships with God, my body, and friendships. I have traveled to places, dreamed and took scary steps to the next stage in life. I have had good days, ugly moments, ugly cried and laugh-cried my way through ten years. Days have been long, but these years were short and time was sweet summer nights on a front porch.

All of our interpretations are based on the ‘internal map’ of reality that we have, and not the real truth. Our ‘map’ is a result of our personal life’s collective experiences. Our thoughts are linked to this invisible energy and they determine what the energy forms. Look around you. Everything you see in our physical world started as an idea, an idea that grew as it was shared and expressed, until it grew enough into a physical object through a number of steps. -Spirit Science:

I have wrecked and renewed relationships. Loved my friends and failed them. Times I have asked myself where all my friends had gone and then learn to be a better friend. I have built friendships from the ground up and resurrected relationships after I set fire to them through careless actions. I have pushed my family away and then ran back to them to seek comfort and security I needed. I sought meaning, love, and value where there were not meant to be sought. I have been broken and emptied before I could slowly patch myself up and be filled again. I have questioned my motives and at times God. I have said goodbye to destructive relationships with people who were toxic. I have left a trail of broken and imperfect steps of my past behind me as I did so. I left an abusive relationship and became stronger in my single season of healing. I have poured myself into others lives as they have poured theirs lives into mine. I can never say I wouldn’t do anything differently but looking back I called it redeemed life.

Pretty things ❤️:

I’ve changed for the better. In the ten years, I’ve worked hard, taken risks, changed jobs, and changed direction. Changed my philosophies and perspectives about what is life. I’ve been changed by my faith and my faith has changed me. I have left behind many of the misconceptions I once held to be true. I have dropped, picked up and then dropped again the baggage of my past I have collected. I have found new joy in same old things I have been doing for years. I have been stagnant, stretched and renewed. I have broken out of my introverted shell only to later retreat to long time comforts of being an introvert. I’ve held titles of a student, lab assistant, lab technician, research associate, friend, blogger, daughter, sister, girlfriend, learner, wander and beloved. I’ve evolved into a person my twenty-year-old self would not be able to recognize, but I think she would love a whole lot.



Looking back I have pictured myself as a twenty-year-old a career, marriage, and possibly a baby, but along the way, things changed. There are mere lovely details along the path to thirty that makes up for the disappointments of my twenty-year-old self. My twenties taught me anything it’s changed is slow and often imperceptible at the whole of a period. The tiny moments collected along the way propelling forward into bustling new life ahead. I see this as a view a small part of the larger picture of my life. I have found lovely in my twenties. 

Enjoy where life takes you! #hiking #quote #getoutside #life:

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. ~John 14:27


English Scones and Peonies Birthday Weekend

This past weekend I celebrated my birthday with those near and dear to me. Even the hot temperatures did not deter me from going outside and enjoy the sunny weather. Here is a few of the celebrations this past weekend.

All started with a wonderful dessert get together on the shores of Lake Washington. A wonderful friend of mine has a place by Lake Washington and for an evening she hosted a fun dessert party to celebrate another and I’s birthdays. Whole group enjoyed eating yummy desserts made with a wonderful view of Lake Washington and the sound of the waves splashing on the shore. All evening we played the game Taboo until all of us were stuffed with chocolate and ready to head home to digest it all.


Following morning I headed to Edmonds to the farmer’s market to see what the vendors had. I ended up with bunch of peonies, raspberries and strawberries to take home. There were so many flower vendors with a whole bunch of peonies that really made it hard to pick which I wanted. I ended up with a pretty bunch in light pink with purple bell flowers to round out the bouquet. The market was hopping  along with the nearby restaurants full of brunch-er relaxing outside at sunny tables on the sidewalk.

Being a hot day and close to water, I decided to walk down to the waterfront to “cool off” by the gentle wind. As I walked along the boardwalk to Marina Park, I stopped for an ice cream cone at the Waterfront Cafe for a chocolate waffle cone. This place had been my favorite stop for ice cream since I was a kid at the beach here. Its real smooth creamy ice cream! As I was strolling along I cough sight of this strange but awesome boat docked in the harbor. Someone really went all out for the tropical theme for their boat.

Sunday after church Mom, Nana and I went out for a celebration of out birthdays. Being one of the hottest days so far in Seattle, we decided to do English style afternoon tea. You would think to only drink something cold when it is hot outside, but something warm or hot really does cool you down. There is a place we have gone in the past at Bothell Country Village called Village Eatery & Tea Co.  All three of us had the Cozy Tea for One which consisted of small garden salad, four tea sandwiches (mine was the tomato and pesto cream cheese) as a starter ( we gave each one sample sandwich to try), dessert plate with a large lemon grazed scone (with Norfolk Cream and strawberry jam), and assorted chocolate tea bites. All this with a mug of Bourbon Street Vanilla Rooibos tea. This tea is the best Rooibos tea I have had and I picked up four ounces of loose leaf tea of it before leaving to enjoy at home. After we headed home to cool off from the hot temperatures Seattle was feeling.

I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family to celebrate this weekend. I am so happy to had such beautiful weather. I hope all my readers had a wonderful weekend as well.

When Your Human Goes On Whole30, Cat’s Prespective: Part 2

Day: 14-16: Human Has a Birthday and Wants to eat all the things.

She had a birthday! My human turned another year older, and could not eat cake. She did find these Paleo version cupcakes that were some what compliant with Whole30. I never thought of her as a raspberry frosting type, nor someone who would eat a Paleo cupcake. Then again she is proving so many of us wrong on many levels on this diet. She did get to indulge in bison burgers for her special day. Ground Bison, chipolata mayo, avocado, and wrapped in lettuces with some sweet potato fries. Happy Birthday my sweet buddy! Love you always!

11407053_10207274175439650_623586528316856111_nShe has also recruited another friend into doing a Whole30 as well. She was very excited when she heard about this on Facebook and had a victory dance in the kitchen.

Day: 17-24: Tiger Blood Begins

She roared at me! Help me! She is feeling a whole lot better now from the previous weeks. I don’t know if it is the diet or she is now a year older. Who knows. She keeps plugging away at the Whole30 every single day and it is starting to pay off for her.  I hope it is all smooth sailing from this point onward.

For the past few day it has been one hot day after another in Seattle. Thank goodness I get ice cubes in my bowl of water at times and my buddy make gazpacho for these really hot days in the apartment. No stove, no heating anything up really. To bad she cannot have ice cream for a few more days. Ice cream would have been a nice thing to have after having 83 degree weather for four days in a row. She found frozen strawberries and bananas were better suited for cooling down then ice cream would be (too heavy on the stomach when there is humidity hanging in the air).

Day: 25-27: Oh Dear!

Oh dear!
She thought it funny to pose me near the cook book. She thinks I need to go on Whole30 for cats. I’m a Maine Coon for goodness sake! We are supposed to be big fluffy full of love. And how do I survive winter’s in Maine? Well sort of, I need to survive winters in Seattle-the cold rain! I think she went too far! Meow!

Food boredom set in, and now she really doesn’t want to eat anymore eggs for breakfast nor any left overs from the nigh before. I think her creativity took a nose dive this week and I am hoping it comes back soon.

Day: 28-29:

She is almost there! She is almost done with the first thirty days! She has said she is going to continue on to a sixty day diet. Oh dear! Another Whole30. I hope this time around she will not have a major problems with her cravings. She has over come her food boredom by trying to find other Whole30 recipes on Pinterest and now is cooking again.I think the Whole60 will be smooth sailing now she has an arsenal of recipes to try out.

Day: 30: She Did It!

She accomplished thirty days of eating on the Whole30! I am proud of her for doing this and with a little help from me, she stayed sane through it all (mostly). Now this cat’s work is done for now. I don’t have to be watching her in case she makes bad food choices when she is cooking at home. I survived and so did she. So what was her last meal? Salmon cakes! She even let me have some of the can salmon as a treat for being supportive through the whole process.


Twenty Seven! Goal!

Ringing in my twenty-seventh birthday among crazy high-octane Sounders fans (and a very handsome guy I must say) was perfect! Both my boyfriend and I have birthdays around the same time (two weeks apart!) and I really wanted to go to  a game again with him. This time the match was between the Sounders and Real Salt Lake (Salt Lake City team).  Back in the end of February this year I bought tickets for this game when the single match tickets went on sale. I lucked out, really lucked out in finding two seats together for any of the games with really great seating. The real motivation behind getting tickets was to take my boyfriend to a game for his birthday, and when I saw there was a home game for the weekend before my birthday, oh man I went for it! I am a Sounders fan. Not as huge of a fan as my boyfriend, but a Sounders fan enough to have a scarf and a fan jersey. Now since meeting him, I have someone to go with!

But before I could take him to the game,I had to have him dress the part of a Sounders fan. I’m still amazed this guy never had a Sounders jersey to wear to the games. So being a good girlfriend and spoiling him, I bought him an authentic Sounder’s jersey like the ones the players wear. This is what his reaction was….


But then again he knew he was getting one since he needed to try one on so I can get the size right.

Morning of May 31st rolled around, I was ready to put on my fan stuff and start acting like what the English fans do, but with a Seattle twist. Seattle is still in its high from the Seahawks winning the Super bowl early this year. Most fans of the Sounders are huge fans of the Seahawks (the colors are the same for both teams).  We don’t have a 12th Man for the team, but nothing less, still feel it in the stands.

photo 5

Salt Lake Real and Sounder’s match was one of intensity. Both teams rank in the top two spots in the league in the West and so this game was all about the rivalry. In the end the Sounder’s won 4-0, scoring four goals throughout the game. Michael was really getting into the game, and a few times got really heated with how the ref was calling out yellow cards at the Sounders players. Apparently this game had one of the most hated MLS ref in the USA calling all the shots in the game. By the end of the game it seemed that maybe he was not so bad, but still as Michael put it, he still not a great ref for Seattle games. The tickets to the game turned out to be in a great location, but I think next time I will try to get them in an area where people normally don’t stand and block your view when you are sitting down. I was a happy camper too with the weather being nice and a large fresh squeezed Lemonade with a whole lemon in it! I look forward to this every time I come to a game.

After the game we all met up to do mini golf at Interbay Golf Course. I have never been great at mini golf and hate to think how bad I would be at real golf. If I ever played a game of golf I would have to be the one driving the golf cart because I am bad at it. Around this time of day there was the Putting and Pints thing going where you can drink beer and play mini golf. By looking at all how smashed people were when we were playing, I know for a fact I would be really bad at playing mini golf. The point was to have fun, and so I had fun.  After a game of mini golf we all went to Red Mill Burgers to have dinner before going our separate ways.



Folk Life Festival and Chihuly Museum

Also on Memorial Day I was at the Seattle Center where Folk Life Festival was happening. Every year Seattle has a festival to celebrate the folk arts, and music during the thee day weekend. Its our huge block party for the city in a way. This was the first time I have attended (yeah I know been here most my life and now I’m just attending!) this festival. Mostly it about the lesser know bands in the area performing in front of the masses. Of course we will have those who are street performers who can really make a crowed stop to watch or those who you just walk on by because there is no way they have any musical talent as they think they have (cruel, but true). The homeless are out in force, and one even hit in Mom in front of Dad.Pretty much all the crazies come out to play when mixed with beer and lots of music. The crazy political activists are out trumping their opinions to the masses, especially the ones who have a message so hateful (I do not need to say the name of the group-you know who I mean), and ones who just want to make you think for a moment with some funny message. Lots of things to buy from street venders, and lots of food to chow down on (The Frankfurter Hot Dog Stand), and all the lemonade you can possibly drink (where is the water? Oh yeah Seattle has banned plastic disposable water bottles). The smell of marijuana in the air at times, even people smoking in public near police officers (my hair smelled of reef later, and I think at some point I might have been high just breathing it in accidentally). Overall it was fun and great to feel the pulse of many people having fun.

On a more serious note…..I also went to the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum. Mom wanted to go since it opened this past week. I never was a person to walk through art galleries, but I made the exception this time. Some of the pieces I have seen a few years ago in Tacoma on the glass bridge that spans part of interstate five road way were displayed here. Dale Chihuly is a local glass blowing artist in the area. His work is displayed here for the masses to see, and for people to learn more about glass blowing. Garden where some of his work is display is wonderful against the backdrop of the Space Needle.

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