Hello & Welcome to A Biotechie’s Life!

Hi, I’m Lacey! I’m a Seattle native, college student and a scientist. I’m a blogger here at A Biotechie’s Life where I indulge in sharing life’s adventures, and everything else in between. I write about what I’ve been up to, Seattle, all the other beautiful beautiful and unexpected things in life.


So who is Lacey anyways?

I’m a 30-something Seattle native. I’m a research associate at a bio-pharmaceutical company and an undergrad biology student at Northwest University all rolled up into one person. I like to think of life as a constant science experiment full of unexpected  adventures with noting. I am still exploring the city I call home, Seattle and Washington state. You may see me running the streets of Seattle training for the next race (first full half marathon in 2016), off on some adventure possibly on a lake fishing or hiking a trail somewhere (standard PNW things to do).

Where did the name of your blog come from?



Back when I was a younger version of a college student (2006-2010) I started a blog on Blogger as a hobby. At the time I was getting my Associates degree in biotechnology and people started calling me by a nickname of “biotechie.” The reason for this nickname I was obsessed with anything biotech at the time. The name has stuck (in an awkward way at times!) and thus I decided to use it as a name for this blog.


This is the end…..

Hopefully this answered any questions you had about me. If you want to know anything else, leave me a comment below.




One thought on “About

  1. This is actually a comment on your post about Wallace Falls, but I could not find a comment button for the post (if there is one). I recently moved to a suburb of Seattle and my SO and I were hoping to go hiking at Wallace Falls soon, it’s been on our to do list for a while. So far we have only hiked to Snow Lake but your pictures and description of Wallace Falls (even in the less sunny weather) has re-motivatived me! Thanks for posting about it!


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