Hello & Welcome to Biotechie’s Life!

So who am I? Good question!

I’m a biotech research associate and a college student all rolled up in one person. I am a proud native of Washington and still exploring the city I call home, Seattle. May see me running the streets of Seattle training for my next race (ran my first full half marathon in 2016). When not studying, running or working, I am off on some adventure and possibly hiking a trail somewhere.

A Biotechie’s Life is a part stream of consciousness rambling of life through a Seattle native’s eyes and life’s many adventures worth sharing. Yes, life is an ongoing science experiment.




One thought on “About

  1. This is actually a comment on your post about Wallace Falls, but I could not find a comment button for the post (if there is one). I recently moved to a suburb of Seattle and my SO and I were hoping to go hiking at Wallace Falls soon, it’s been on our to do list for a while. So far we have only hiked to Snow Lake but your pictures and description of Wallace Falls (even in the less sunny weather) has re-motivatived me! Thanks for posting about it!


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