Commit To Fit: 1st Month

Usually people start their new year’s goal on January first, but I wanted to get a head start on mine over the holidays.

This year I want to commit to a healthy and fit year. Since completing my first half marathon this past year, I have been slacking in the healthy eating department. Up to this point I have been eating as if I was running all those calories off which is not true. Oops!

img_1396As you can tell I have put on some weight! Not my most proud moment :(. In the last six months after my half marathon I gained roughly fifteen pounds of weight from stress eating (college and work) and healing from an injury from running. Even freshman 15 can happen at any age. In the coming year I want to reset, and start living a healthier life again.

img_1665In one month there was little change from the above picture, but little things did happen in the last month. Started drinking more water (64oz), cut back on the Christmas desserts, and started drinking green tea matcha three times a day (better than coffee!).

The only thing I did not start was the Whole30 because as Melissa Hartwig puts it clearly, being on the Whole30 during the holidays is recipe for trouble. So I saved my second round of Whole30 for January’s Whole30 challenge. I am hoping this second time wont be as challenging as some people have said. Just have to wait to see at the end of the thirty days.

Image result for whole30

With one month down, and eleven more to go, let see where this goal will take me!