Operation Christmas Child: A Box of Blessings

For a few years I have been packing a shoe box full of love for a child somewhere in the world who does not have much. Each year I pick either a boy or a girl and the age range to bless a child in need. Operation Christmas Child is a part of a wonderful organization of Samaritan’s Purse (International Relief), and one of the few organizations I donate time and financial resources to each year.

One afternoon I went on a little shopping trip to the Dollar Store, JC Penneys and Fred Meyer to pick up some little blessings for a 5-9 year old girl. I try to always include school supplies, toiletries, hard candy and fun toys for them. To bad liquid soap is no longer allowed because I have so much freebie Bath and Body stuff!

All this in one box

Included in this box of blessings are:
1. 2 Shirts & 1 small dress
2. Socks (3 pairs total)
3. Toothpaste, tooth-brush, & toothbrush holders
4. Bar soap and holder
5. Hand towel/wash cloth
6. Hair comb set
7. Pencil pouch
8. Color pencils & crayons
9. Notepad
10. Coloring book
11. Pencil sharpener
12. Jump rope
13. Stuff animal bear
14. Candy (Swedish Fish & Life Saver’s Gumies)

I have found ideas from these two blogs 100 Shoe box Ideas For Boys and 100 Shoe box Ideas For Girls.

How do I get all this in one box? Simple. Pack the box based on how each item’s size fits like Tetras. It took a few tries to fit all in with three rubber bands going around the box to keep the lid on. Some items had to be taken out of the original packaging like the bar soap (came in a pack of two) and putting some items together (the pencil pouch holding the school supplies).  You will find ingenious ways to pack these boxes that are fun for these kids to open.

Unsolicited Advice About Shoeboxes | From a missionary who lives overseas and experiences life with recipients of Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes (i.e. what is really useful vs what is totally misunderstood):
Photo Credit: garrett.with.sim.org

Samaritan’s Purse delivers these simple boxes of special Christmas gifts to 135 million boys and girls in 150 countries spanning almost every nation in the world. Each of these boxes collected go to a child in an unreached part of the world across five continents. Some of these children never have known what it is like to have the simple things of childhood. By filling a box, these simple gifts make a world of difference to a child in need.

If you like to know more about Operation Christmas Child or Samaritan’s Purse please see www.samaritanspurse.org