Strolling Through Washington Arboretum’s Japanese Garden

Large Koi Pond

Nana and I decided on her last day in Seattle to walk through the Lake Washington Arboretum and Japanese Garden. Since most of the pictures are of the Japanese garden, this is where we spent the most time wondering.

The part of the park closes to Lake Washington had trails leading through sections where the old 520 bridge connection still stands and the off ramp that leads to nowhere are being removed. Parts of the trails near the water were still under water and at one point Nana almost went into the lake! Thank goodness for fast reflexes from me.

Koi Pond

After a few detours on the trail to the Japanese garden, we finally made it to this small secluded garden. For around an hour we meandered through the garden looking at all the plants growing.

Standing in the garden
Nana in the garden

By three in the afternoon, we headed home for a cup of tea and beat the rain.