Gone Fishing……

“It doesn’t matter if the rod is or isn’t bent.
Time spent fishing is time well spent”

Woke up quarter till six in the morning for a 26 mi drive to Lake Tye for a morning to catch some fish. Early morning fog met me half way up to Monroe and in the early hours of the morning there was still flog flouting over the area of the lake. This made for a slow peaceful start of fishing. By the middle of the morning the fog had all burned off to a nice sunny day. This area of the Cascades reminds me small Southern Oregon towns at the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. A slice of quiet from the chaos that has engulfed Seattle these days.

Unfortunately the fish were not in the mood to bite, but took nibbles of the bait (worms) from the hook. There was a moment where I thought I had a fish, but it was short lived moment. By mid morning there were a lot of people around the banks of the lake casting a line into the water. By noon time I decided to make my way back home after a few people decided to swim in the lake and scare the fish away. I believe there is going to be more fishing adventures this summer. Who knows I might find my secret place to go fishing by the end.


Where: Monroe-Snhomish County
Time/Distance: 36 minutes/26 miles from Seattle
Fish: Large mouth bass and rainbow trout
Discover Pass: No-City maintained park