Days of March

March didn’t disappoint us in coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb. Beginning of March started with a huge windstorm across Seattle area knocking out power for most part of a day and well into the night. Luck I know some people with a generator-my parents- and was able to have all the creature comforts without having to shiver in a cold apartment.

Near Lake Tapps
How I feel after daylight savings!

Having the power out on the Sunday of daylights savings didn’t help either since majority of the week following was spend chugging down cups of coffee just to wake myself up to do anything, including training for my half marathon. So I felt like this tree most of the week.

This year for celebrating St. Paddy’s day I decided corn beef and cabbage was not going to be on the menu. Instead I made Irish Chicken with Cabbage and Potatoes with fresh baked Red Lobster Cheese Rolls (buy the mix a Fred Meyer or Target).


This dish turned out to be better then expected and was not heavy of the stomach as corn beef feels after eating. The bacon really brought out the flavor in the cabbage, and left over chicken was used for other meal throughout the rest of the week. I put this recipe down as a keeper for future dinner parties.

Northwest University Choralons rocked the church house on Psalms Sunday. I have seen them many of times in chapel at Northwest U before, but nothing like them performing at the church you attend. I was so happy for some of my church family to experience these talented awesome group of students.

Easter a time for new growth and potential started off with Good Friday service. I was amazed at how short this year the service was. I guess with a huge track and field meet just down the road would be the reason why so few of us attended. Nothing less it turned out very well.

Easter day shenanigans started with my church Easter Outfit. I decided to go tropical with a dress I had bought when I was last in Hawaii. Even with the rain pouring down I still wore wedged sandals with them. I had a lot of compliments in church, and I believe this dress will be making an appearance this summer.

Easter service was all about rocking the house because He has risen! Every year since becoming apart of this church Easter service has become better and better. This year the beginning of the sermon had us in the dark as Pastor Stone talked about what it was like to be in the dark days after Jesus was crucified. Then Pastor Stone moved into how with Jesus we are no longer dead in the grave, and we have a passport into heaven through him.

I am currently nursing a food hangover right now. It all started with Easter breakfast of hot cross buns, eggs and bacon.

Then Easter dinner of classic rack of lamb with roasted squash, cheddar biscuits, and various cooked veggies.

After all this food eating, settled into watching Grandchester and When Calls The Heart for the rest of the evening eating Easter candy.

Here to all a Happy Easter and a new beginning with spring!