Spirit Of The Season

Christmas is the best time of year for me. Just seeing all the jolly lights twinkling through wet rainy nights is what living in the Seattle area all about. This year I have the best time spending my holidays with close family and friends.

Church Advent Celebration:

(C) Shoreline Community Church

Getting goofy with this dear friend of mine at the Church’s annual Advent party. Ashlee a snowman, me Rudolf. This year they brought back the traditional advent festivities with the kids choir singing in their oh so cute way, and having a brunch where we mingled with other members of the congregation to see what is happening in everyone’s world.

Children’s Choir (C) Shoreline Community Church

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party:

My first ugly sweater ever (well looks more cute then ugly)! Why now? Because I have never been to an ugly Christmas sweater party before until now. So off I went with my ugly-cute Christmas sweater to spend a night with new people and many laughs with a game close to Cards Against Humanity. Just the beginning journey of the ugly cute Christmas Sweater.


Christmas Eve Candlelight Service:

This year was a quiet Christmas Eve service at the church then years past. Instead of candles with open flame, they decided to go with the plastic fake candles to light the church. The message this Christmas eve was Jesus is for everyone, and everyone who is an outcast because that is who saw the beginning of Christ’s ministry. Lovely message for the eve of Christ’s birth.

Christmas Came:

Christmas morning was a very calm gray day with on rain at all. To bad this year there was not snow in the greater Seattle area again,but there was snow in the passes and the foothills as well. Maybe next year there will be a white Christmas.

The Rice family came to celebrate Christmas this year with my family. We talked and laughed our way through the game of Pit and a wonderful Christmas meal. This year I decided to make a cheese platter for the meal, and the whole thing turned out wonderful. Cheese used was Celebrity’s Cranberry Cinnamon Goat’s milk cheese, Snowdinia Cheese Company’s Green Thunder Aged Cheddar Garlic and Garden Herbs, Alouette’s Brie cheese, and fruit. By the end of the night each of us were stuffed with goodies and went home very happy as well as loved.

Sad News On Christmas Morning:

Woke up to news of a historical landmark I grew up with as a kid was destroyed by fire in the early morning hours on Christmas day. The Butte Creek Mill in Eagle Point Oregon was the only operating 1800s water grit mill west of the Mississippi. Words cannot express the devastating loss this is on the community of Southern Oregon, and the historical landmark community. If you like you can donate to the mill fund.

Butte Creek Mill Circ. 2014

Firefighters look over the scene of the burned-out historic Butte Creek Mill, which caught fire early Christmas morning in Eagle Point. Mail Tribune/ Denise Baratta

Butte Creek Mill 12/25/15 (c) Medford Mail Tribune

Last Book Finished in 2015:

The last book on my 2015 reading list is done. The last book was Laura Ingalls Wilder Pioneer Girl (The Annotated Autobiography) by Pamela Smith Hill. This textbook sized book is fascinating  because some of the stories she tells in her Little House On The Prairie series come from this manuscript she wrote about her life. You can see where the truth in her stories are from and what she embellished or changed to suit her target audience (children). A must read for those of you who were or are still fans of the Little House books.


Another Christmas has come and gone. Seems like it keeps creeping up on me every passing year.

Happy New Year’s to all my dear readers!