Spider Webs For Eyes

I kept it all simple this year for Halloween since I would be volunteering at a local church’s Halloween carnival. While looking through Pinterest for ideas and came across spider webs drawn around the eyes as Halloween makeup, I thought what a great idea!

Stick on spider web eye stickers

Then thought why not make it into a simple witch costume! I found this witches hat on a headband from a work group costume a few years ago and dressed in black to make it look simple. In the end it turned out really well and didn’t scare any kids at the carnival which is a huge plus since spider webs can be scary.

I was recruited by a classmate into helping her church in their annual Halloween carnival for the neighborhood. The whole night was spent helping with the younger children in playing games and handing out candy (which they all really loved). I had a blast playing the invisible fish that magically put candy and small toys on the fishing lines.

This young lady is a wonderful classmate and such a blast to be around! I had a wonderful time volunteering with her and she is an amazing person.

Amazing helper at the carnival!

Halloween was fairly uneventful and peaceful this time. I guess I’m getting to the point where going out partying on Halloween night does not sound as fun as it did at one time. But I still had fun! Now it is time to prepare for the holidays and the new year ahead.