I Was There, I Saw, And I Will Never Forget

To this day I still cry when I remember the tragedy of September 11th. I remember being in the 8th grade in US History class when the principle announced to the whole school the tragedy of what happened. Our teachers tried to keep us from seeing the images on TV and the internet (back then we didn’t have smart phone like today to sneak a peek), but it was no use. Just seeing the news feed and the video was overwhelming to see. This was the first of many times I had a feeling of not being safe anymore in the world. War would soon come and a few years later another tragedy would come out of this again when someone I loved died in Afghanistan in the War on Terror. Today after fourteen years I pause a moment to remember all those who’s lives were cut short in this tragedy and the tragedy of what terrorism does to innocent lives. I was there, I saw, and I will never forget.