Summer Favorites: BBQs and Being All American

Summer has been in full swing and this past week really showed it. It has been very hot here in Seattle and the heat at times can almost be too much to bear. The hot  weather does remind me of childhood summers in Southern Oregon (except down there is no humidity with the heat) and frankly I miss it. With the area in extreme heat wave, I have been holed up in one room with the portable air conditioner staying cool and playing Township on the Kindle (darn sheep take too long to make wool!) and going outside in shifts (first time in my life that I get a sun burn within five minutes) to keep my summer glow going. This weeks edition of Summer Favorites for this week (when I went outside in shifts) is all about BBQs and being all American in the start of summer (well summer came already, but hey it works!):

1.// 4th Of July Celebration

Sadly this year summer came early and with it drought like conditions across Washington. This meant that most of state’s counties banned the use of personal fireworks. But that did not deterred people from lighting them off until early in the morning the next day. To bad I could not find any sparklers anywhere this year. Are people hording them again? The fourth was a quiet at home affair this year due to the 90 degree weather we are having, and I really have not patients for crowds in hot weather.  Our all American celebration included another BBQ of baby back ribs, corn on the cob, baked beans, and ice cream galore. After dinner was hanging out until it was time to go see the fireworks display at Edmonds. This year they out did themselves with the fireworks (too bad my camera on my phone was being a pain! I didn’t get on photo) and had a new display to see. For the rest of the night it was trying to get some sleep with the windows open and people lighting off fireworks into the early morning.

I ate more than just this!

2.// Church Starts Off Summer With A BBQ!

Another BBQ to attend! The church I go to is celebrating seventy-five years of serving the Shoreline area. To kick off the summer long celebration, the church had a BBQ for the whole congregation after the Sunday service. So what was on the menu? BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, coleslaw, sticky rice with spicy chicken wings, classic American chips, ice cream sandwiches and lot of fluids to keep hydrated in the heat again. I think at this point I was beginning to be BBQ-ed out.

3.// Young Adult Group BBQ by Lake Washington

View of Lake Washington

For the first time since I joined the group i did not have to bring the desert, instead I brought the fruit salad that was a huge hit with everyone. We all picked a warm summer night to hang out by the lake watching the float planes coming in and out of Kenmore Air terminal. On the menu was pulled pork sandwiches, fruit salad. chips, and ice cream sandwiches. A wonderful end to a very hot and jam-packed weekend full of celebrations.

4.// Finished Reading Gray by E.L. James.

Oh! Did I Read That Correctly?!

Yes this is Christian’s point of view on the whole Fifty Shades of Gray series. Don’t judge me! I like the prospective of Christian better than Ana of the whole beginning of book Fifty Shades of Gray. Christian is even more kinky then Ana inside his head and thank goodness no goddess talking to him like Ana. I now get a more sense of why Christian is the way he is in the books.

I Hope you dear reader had a wonderful 4th of July!

Happy Summer!