Summer Favorites: Kicking It All Off

Summer has finally arrived and now is the time to get out into the sunshine! So to kick things off I went to the Edmonds Arts and Craft Festival on Saturday.

The sunny warm weather of summer and the smell of fried food made a perfect day for just browsing the local artist stalls and seeing all the creative things people made. We spent more of our time in the photography stalls looking at some of the beautiful pictures captured by some very talented artists in the Seattle area. One stall had the local cartoonist  Justin Hillgrove‘s artwork that is famous around the Seattle area’s technology companies campuses. I picked up one of his prints while there:

Deep Cover | Imps and MonstersImps and Monsters
(C) Justin Hillgrove; Deep Cover

I saw this print and had to have it because how funny is this? I will frame this and maybe hanging it in the bathroom as a fun piece of artwork. There was another one with the octopus squeezing the rubber ducky that is just as about funny as this one.

Another reason to go to festivals is the food trucks!! After completing my first Whole30, I went on a pig out that I should have not done. Oops! I decided to have a corn dog, huge pile of curly fries, Hawaiian donuts, and a huge cup of lemonade. I think all the Whole30ers are going to be not happy with me! Oh well, this coming week I will begin my Whole60 and then can undo the damage I did. But it was worth it for it is the beginning of summer.

Father’s Day was all about celebrating my awesome dad! For Dad’s day I got my father a Cabela’s gift card for all the fishing stuff he wants. For dinner I BBQ-ed steaks with Blackening Dust seasoning, macaroni salad, sweet potato fries, baked beans, and corn on the cob for his celebration.