Completed The Whole30 And Kicked Those Cravings!

dream-is-free-ig-300x300Bam! Just like that I completed my first Whole30! I will say it was a struggle at times with my craving for chocolate and junk food being very strong. At one point I was staring into the fridge looking for something sweet or salty to “feed” my “Darth Sugar” cravings. I never realized until I went on the Whole30 how much of the food I was eating was making my body feel blah! I thought the stress I was going through was the culprit, but alas, not so. From now on I will limit the amount of chocolate I eat a week, and make sure only eat gluten on special occasions (growing up eating a lot of bread made this challenge hard at the beginning). Overall I survived thirty days of cutting out foods that make the body feel inflamed, and putting foods in that are going to help the body better fuel itself.

Today is day 30 of my first @whole30. I have more energy, awesome healthy meals are now a habit to make, and I have lost 2lbs of bloat. I am happy with how I feel and look in the mirror! This program has changed my relationship with food and what it means to be healthy. I absolutely love how I feel and will continue for another 30 more days. Whole60 here I come!

I did not lose really any weight when on this program. I think the whole point for me was to see which foods were causing a host of problems for my body. Weight loss was not my intention from the beginning, but if it happened I would be very happy to note why it had the extra weight to begin with. The non-scale victories were the main selling point in how awesome this program is. I noticed by week two my acne was going away (something I have been struggling with most of my adult life) and fewer blemishes appeared on my face making my complexion look a whole lot better. Less bloating feeling after eating and my cloths started to fit better because of it. Since I have braces, I noticed my teeth were whiter, less swelling around the gums where the teeth are moving, and fresher breath. My orthodontist noticed this and the reason is you cannot have sugar or soda when having braces on. I have less painful joints, back, knee pain when running. My seasonal allergies and sinuses are gone now after thirty days. I fall sleep faster and sleep more soundly now. With all the restful sleep now, I have clear thinking, improved attention span, more energy, and less stressed out. . I noticed I cook more from scratched and started enjoying cooking again.

ImageThis is the just the tip of the Whole30 iceberg for me. So much improvement is still needed, and this is why I’m extending my Whole30 into a Whole60 to add more time to change some lifelong habits needing to still be broken. Here is to another thirty days of clean eating.!


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