When Your Human Goes On Whole30, Cat’s Prespective: Part 2

Day: 14-16: Human Has a Birthday and Wants to eat all the things.

She had a birthday! My human turned another year older, and could not eat cake. She did find these Paleo version cupcakes that were some what compliant with Whole30. I never thought of her as a raspberry frosting type, nor someone who would eat a Paleo cupcake. Then again she is proving so many of us wrong on many levels on this diet. She did get to indulge in bison burgers for her special day. Ground Bison, chipolata mayo, avocado, and wrapped in lettuces with some sweet potato fries. Happy Birthday my sweet buddy! Love you always!

11407053_10207274175439650_623586528316856111_nShe has also recruited another friend into doing a Whole30 as well. She was very excited when she heard about this on Facebook and had a victory dance in the kitchen.

Day: 17-24: Tiger Blood Begins

She roared at me! Help me! She is feeling a whole lot better now from the previous weeks. I don’t know if it is the diet or she is now a year older. Who knows. She keeps plugging away at the Whole30 every single day and it is starting to pay off for her.  I hope it is all smooth sailing from this point onward.

For the past few day it has been one hot day after another in Seattle. Thank goodness I get ice cubes in my bowl of water at times and my buddy make gazpacho for these really hot days in the apartment. No stove, no heating anything up really. To bad she cannot have ice cream for a few more days. Ice cream would have been a nice thing to have after having 83 degree weather for four days in a row. She found frozen strawberries and bananas were better suited for cooling down then ice cream would be (too heavy on the stomach when there is humidity hanging in the air).

Day: 25-27: Oh Dear!

Oh dear!
She thought it funny to pose me near the cook book. She thinks I need to go on Whole30 for cats. I’m a Maine Coon for goodness sake! We are supposed to be big fluffy full of love. And how do I survive winter’s in Maine? Well sort of, I need to survive winters in Seattle-the cold rain! I think she went too far! Meow!

Food boredom set in, and now she really doesn’t want to eat anymore eggs for breakfast nor any left overs from the nigh before. I think her creativity took a nose dive this week and I am hoping it comes back soon.

Day: 28-29:

She is almost there! She is almost done with the first thirty days! She has said she is going to continue on to a sixty day diet. Oh dear! Another Whole30. I hope this time around she will not have a major problems with her cravings. She has over come her food boredom by trying to find other Whole30 recipes on Pinterest and now is cooking again.I think the Whole60 will be smooth sailing now she has an arsenal of recipes to try out.

Day: 30: She Did It!

She accomplished thirty days of eating on the Whole30! I am proud of her for doing this and with a little help from me, she stayed sane through it all (mostly). Now this cat’s work is done for now. I don’t have to be watching her in case she makes bad food choices when she is cooking at home. I survived and so did she. So what was her last meal? Salmon cakes! She even let me have some of the can salmon as a treat for being supportive through the whole process.