A Sudden Light….While I Was Away

View from Work
View from Work

Clang-clang goes the trolley! As I write this blog post I am currently looking out over heart of South Lake Union (more like Rolling Street Flats Apt). After three years at Dendreon, I have finally moved on in my career and started anew again in a whole new area of biotechnology. I am currently temp for a few months (hopefully will be brought on full-time after 3-6 months) at PATH in Seattle. I have gone from cancer research for a midsize pharma company to Malaria research in a global health organization. This will be a new challenge for me since I am so used to the way things are in industry compare to an academic/non-profit like lab setting. I am hoping my industry knowledge will be put to real use at some point in the research I am doing for the eradication of malaria. I am lucky again to be working with a team of very dedicated individuals who have a passion for the work they do, and really have an environment for collaboration within the building. I never thought in a million years I would be doing research in infectious diseases, but here I am finally getting my chance.

One of the great perks besides having Amazon and other tech companies around is the access to great restaurants and food trucks. I tried a new restaurant with my fellow coworkers the other day. Mio Sushi in South Lake Union. I have been trying to get my former colleagues to try it from Dendreon without any luck, so on the third day of working at PATH, I was invited to a lunch celebration. So what did I have?

Sushi-Combo Roll
Sushi-Combo Roll

Sushi of course! I tried the Roll Combo which included small versions of cucumber, tuna and California rolls. Not much of an explorer in the sushi department, but its a start in trying a new place out. They have a huge menu for just sushi rolls and a lot of other combo stuff you see at other sushi restaurants in the Seattle area. Another adventure in food is having take out at Whole Foods across the street from where I work. I realized how crazy it gets around lunch time when all the area’s employees decent on the place for quick pick up lunch items. There is everything you could possibly want to have is offered at this market and it is expensive to eat there everyday! My chicken wrap alone cost around $8. You can really tell how expensive Seattle has become lately by the prices of rent and food. Then again Whole Food is expensive place to shop along with PCC in Edmonds so I cannot complain.

While away I had braces put on at the beginning of March, and so far my teeth have been straightening out at a faster pace then I thought was possible. I guess they have been through this before, so it was just moving them back to were they needed to be in the first place. I have completed my Whole30 diet and now continuing on for a second round. I wont post the Instagram photos that I have seen people do to show the before and after on this blog (You don’t need to see me in my skives!), but there was a slight change in how I look. I have noticed a little more energy, clearer complexion, and feel better about my eating habits.

A sudden light did happened…..

There has been a lot of things changing in my life right now, and as for the paradigm shift that happened, I can say it has made me more aware of what is going on around me, and where I would like to go next in my life. In the short few months of the new year I went through some life changing challenges and a few crazy moments that have altered my path. There was a need to start again somewhere new after being stuck so long in limbo. After my layoff from Dendreon and a week later starting a new position at another organization, the sudden light of realizing I am where I belong at this present moment. What came out of the breakup, the job loss, and moving in another direction, is the happiness that I have been missing for a long time came back. Finally the paradigm shift happens and suddenly there is light at the end of the tunnel I have been traveling down came into view. Let’s see where this next chapter in my life takes me.


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