A Break To Reflect

Buddha shrine

“Without reflection, we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences, and failing to achieve anything useful.” – Margaret J. Wheatly

To my readers, as time marches onward, I am surprised by things I wrote and highlighted over the past three years. As time passes, so does perspectives and priorities. At the beginning of this year things I once thought were at the top of my list have settled elsewhere, making way for new relationships, careers, personal growth and responsibilities. In the past three months I have found myself growing more self-reflective and actualized then ever before. A paradigm shift in the reality of what is happening around me.

With this new shift in perspective, I have decided to take a break from writing. For a variety of reasons, this decision comes from a place of reflection and a desire to grow in new ways at this moment. While I have no return date in mind at the present, a break does not constitute forever! What it does mean is pursue new adventures, and self growing. I’m excited in what is to come out of this break, and all the possibilities worth tell you all about. In the meantime, please stay in touch and live the adventurous lives we all deserve!

You all are amazing followers! Thank you!