So How Did It Go?

A part from being derailed in the second week of the month with a came out of left field “it’s over in our relationship,” I can say I’m doing well. Not something most women’s magazines want you to think happens when you get “dumped” by a guy, but just because you are the “dumpee” doesn’t mean you sit at home with a pint of chocolate ice cream, crying and not wanting to face the world. I really didn’t have the luxury and just keeping oneself busy is better than to dwell on something that was never meant to be in the end. Moving on into what comes next in my life, and I have way more important things to do then feel sorry for myself. I will admit I did cry off and on for two days, and then picked myself back up. Heartbreak hurts, being dumped hurts, and then realizing you deserve better is the best feeling imagined. Advice, the other person is batsh*t crazy, forgive them and move on.

My Whole30/Paleo diet failed after the said above happened. But this does not mean I wont try it again. The fact is after I had my share of comfort food for two weeks, I decide to give it another shot again. This time there will be success! Reading about the diet and learning the ins and outs has put some prospective on the fact that whole real food just is better than the processed stuff with chemicals added to it. In the time I was on the diet I did feel a little better about myself, and had a lot more energy throughout the day without the help of added caffeine.

Facebook shut down did not last long either. Why? I had to do some cleaning up and needed to do it as soon as possible. I realized he and his friends no longer have a part in my life anymore, so why keep hanging on? Cutting off all contact is the reason why I have moved on a lot quicker in my last two weeks. As I have said in the previous post, I wish not to be a hanging ghost in the background of another girl like the previous one was. After reading other people’s opinions in the matter of un-friending people on social media, I am in comforted to know it is not an immature selfish thing to do.  In fact it is the right thing to do for everyone. Also in the two weeks of being offline, I learned why I felt I need a detox from social media. When I cleaned up Facebook, I stopped feeling like a failure, and stopped having negativity in my life.

A wonderful friend of mine told me she was going to do the 5k/15K Hot Chocolate Run here in Seattle on March 1st. I decided to do my first 5k run as the Hot Chocolate Run with her, and complete a goal I have set for this year. Training for the 5k has been grueling at times with the soreness from working muscles that have been taking it easy for way to long! Throw in some Zumba, Dance Fitness, and other forms strength training, I can feel how sore I really am at the end of the week. I’m doing this for me, and I’m doing this to be healthy, not skinny. With combination with Whole30, I’m curious to see what is going to happen to my body. In four weeks we will all find out.

Super Bowl Sunday was a painful experience for all Seahawks fans. As a new Twelfth, I will admit I thought the game was crazy, heart attack worthy and a wild ride I have never experienced before. Loosing the Super Bowl to the Patriots was and is sad. We almost had the trophy! Oh well, there is always next year for the Hawks to reclaim the title again. As of today I will be washing my two shirts, and packing them away for another season in the fall. With those shirts I will be packing away some memories that are tied to them as well.

So how did it go? Well not what I expected when I started off the year, but it was not all a failure. Looking back on the month I can see I am where I need to be at the moment. I can feel so much change is ahead of me after a year of wandering around aimlessly. Ending a small chapter in my life with someone who was not right for me in the end, finally having the strength to move ahead in to what is coming in my life, and aiming for two goals at the same time. I’m turning a page, and writing what is next. It went well.