Life Changes, and People Change

The healing process has begun, and most of the memories leave a sadness in my heart. What is meant to be will eventually make itself know when the time comes. People change and life has to move onward. This past year I fell in love with someone who I thought I would be in my life. Unfortunately  this did not happen, and as of Tuesday Michael and I are no longer in each other’s lives. The decision was made by him, and I will respect him for telling me in person instead of by text or phone.

I realized this morning that I truly care about him to wish him the best in life. I pray one day he will find happiness and it comes from within himself. I love Michael enough to let him go and make a clean break by not being a shadow in the background. I want that for him and for the next girl because that is what I wanted too when I was him. I was told by his mom and him that I was one of the best things that has happened in his life last month. I will remember that too as he too was one of the best people I have met in my life and I will always have a place in my heart for him. I guess me coming into his life when I did was not the right time. He wasn’t ready for me yet. Still I am moving forward with my life and who knows, along the way another wonderful man will come.