Detox From All The Junk Media In My Life

Twenty-Fourteen was a year that was exhausting on many levels. I still cannot believe I made it through December with some energy to spare! It was not all excitement of all that happened in the year both good and bad, but mostly the fact by the end of the year I just need a break from all the hectic rush of modern life. Renew my spirit, my health and renew my mind after a taxing end to the year. By the end of the year I realized I needed to take a break from all the junk food content on Facebook, and the self loathing of Pinterest. A digital detox, and to start off my New Years goals the right way.

Why the detox? There has been a lot of bloggers out there talking about how Pinterest has made them feel like they are keeping up with “Pinterest Jones” of the world to be successful. To be honest I can see this in myself as well. I have gone almost too far when it comes to keeping up with all the trends floating around on Pinterest and a few times almost pin things I normally would not pin just for the sake of looking like I’m with the trends. The point when I started to see a problem was when I started “pin stalking” a Pinterest member’s board without following her for all her ideas and after a while it started to make me feel very inadequate just seeing her pins. An addiction was starting to form and a low point for someone like myself was beginning to take hold in the form of competing. Facebook just started becoming a mess of things when most of the posts on my news feed are advertisements from things friends liked, Buzzfeed stories, and other junk I really didn’t want to see at all cluttering up valuable space. Also the dreaded Facebook envy started to creep slowly into my life. The point when you look at all the statuses saying engagement, just married, we are pregnant, we just bought a house (something that is happening a lot here in Seattle lately) and realize how far behind you are in life. There has been tons of articles talking about this very thing and how most things posted are only 25% of the whole story. Still it made for a self-loathing all the same.

So why all this self-loathing and junk infiltrating my life? Because for some reason I got off course along the way in 2014, and didn’t realized until I was up to my shoulders in the month of December with all this “junk.” One day back in December I came across a blog post about a mother who enacted a Christmas Manifesto that had me stop and think.

I’m going to stop worrying if my tree/cards/kids look like anyone else’s in the world, and just let them be what they are: beautiful…….

……..When my mind starts drifting away from everything in front of me to what we haven’t got, I’m going to reel it back in. Because I am rich, rich, rich beyond my wildest dreams. Because there is so much sadness in the world. So much heartbreak. But there is so much good, too. So much joy. And I hold it in my hands, in my heart. When my children hug me, when they sing the wrong lyrics to Joy to the World in the backseat of the car. When my husband rests his hand on my hip as we fall asleep.

And I am rich, rich, rich – no matter what lies I have been told about subway tiles and Eames chairs and Winter’s Latest Trends.

Just stop. Step away from the internet (but not quite yet). First, raise your glass with me:

Here’s to a Christmas of peace and joy and rest. Here’s to a Christmas of really celebrating, maybe for the first time since we were small and oblivious to all the reasons not to; maybe for the first time ever.

~Great Smitten (My Christmas Manifesto)

I am truly blessed and rich in many ways! Truth is I’m not really that far behind in life in my late twenties. I’m in a relationship with a wonderful guy, I have an apartment all to myself, I have a career, I don’t have any student debt, financially stable, starting to work towards my goal of buying a house and I have traveled to places around the world. As for getting married, buying a house, and having kids, in time all those things will come to fruit and then off on another path to achieving the next round of goals I set.

For this January I will take a break from social media except my blog. I will still blog because there is nothing self-loathing or junk about a blog. I will use the ever so popular app Evernote and download all the recipes I want to try to my Kindle for the month. Start on the stack of books I been meaning to read,  start on the PopSugar 2015 Reading Challenge, go on a date with myself a few day this month, and just breath. No logging on to Pinterest, and Facebook for the whole month, just this blog is all I need.

Will it be hard? Yep. Is this a New Years goal? I believe it is.