It’s All About That Feast Boss!

 Tonight starts the turkey gorging. Round one of four Thanksgivings starts right now. By the end of Thursday night I will be waddling like a turkey! Bring on the food!

feeling hungry (Facebook 11/23/14)
I’m stuffed! I cannot look at another turkey for a long time, and thanks to me having multiple eating feasts, I’m starting the holiday season off with a bang – oh I mean a full stomach. Four Thanksgivings all in a space of few days can make a girl think she does need those New Years resolutions at the beginning of next year. So feast your eyes on the text and pictures while I sit over here and digest all this food. 
Where It All Started!

Started out with a Thanksgiving theme Young Adults group potluck at a member’s house on the Sunday night before Thanksgiving. Each of us brought something for the potluck, and me being not so much into Thanksgiving,  brought the rolls. They were not even good ones (feel guilty). The turkey on the other hand was called the “miracle turkey” because the turkey was forgotten to  defrost overnight by a member. Prayers went up in church for the turkey to be thawed out and ready by 6:30pm that night. As you can tell, the turkey did thaw out and was cooked to perfection by 6:30pm.  After dinner there were games to be played to help digest for the dessert, pumpkin pie cake.

Tuesday was non Thanksgiving theme Thanksgiving. Is that a thing now? At work we all walked down to the “jungle” (what is known as the area where Amazon located, across Mercer street “the Amazon River.”) to get to Cactus a southwestern, Tex-Mex restaurant. I had one of their specials called the Brazed Tostada and it was good, but I recommend having a side salad since there is only three small tostada. Thank goodness the lunch was not overly filling since I had to walk a block to get back on the street car back to work.

12th Man Turkey Day!
Yep Feast Mode! Photo Credit Michael Carlin via Facebook

 Michael’s text to me about the turkey he was getting for our Thanksgiving feast:

Michael: “I have a 25.6 lbs. bird for delivery this afternoon/evening.

Me: OMGOODNESS!!!!! Did I read that right? That is one bada$$ bird!

Apparently I have never seen a 25.6 lbs turkey in my life and to me this is one turkey on steroids. Just getting into the fridge was an adventure in its self, with it being a big as our Maine Coon cat (Maddie is 10 pounds lighter than the bird!). This bird could feed the whole Seattle Seahawks team at the size it was! Somehow Mom and I had the turkey ready by 1pm without any problems. By the end of the lunch, the turkey still looked like we didn’t make a dent in it and will probably be eating turkey for the next three weeks!

Card game Pit.
After dinner we all gathered around the table to play a few games of Pit. Michael for a newbie played pretty well and won three game compared to my two wins. The game originally gets competitive among family was not competitive when Michael was playing. Thank goodness.

Around 5pm Michael and I headed over for our second turkey dinner with his side of the family (my fourth Thanksgiving). The beginning of the get together started out with the TV turned to the Seahawks vs. 49ers game. Everyone in the whole family was watching it or listening to it as the preparations for the dinner were being made. Half way through the dinner we all got the news that the Seahawks had one the game and put a whole new level of excitement to the festivities.  After dinner we all just hung out digesting enough to have pies for dessert.

So what happened after fourth Thanksgiving?…..


Passed out from all the L-Tryptophan surging through our bodies from the turkey. Now on to figuring out how to make the turkey leftovers taste better.

I hoped everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I’m thankful for all who have been reading this blog over the past year or more.