Blue Lab Coat Stories: Two Kegs + Halloween = Work Halloween Party

It all started off with a visit from the Seattle Fire department. The Monday before Halloween the social committee at work decided to tryout the fog machine for the company Halloween party with the dry ice method to keep the fog low to the ground. This test resulted in a massive thick smoke like fog , and the building fire alarms going off. The fire Marshall was not happy about this and resulted in a fine with another surprise fire inspection (not so much as surprise thanks to Zymogentics across the street telling us they were showing up for their inspection). The flog machine was scraped, and so on to decorating the space without it.

The space took us all of the week to complete and only three hours to tear down at the end. Our bio engineered spider somehow escaped from the lab and took up residents in the elevator for majority of the week. He scared quite a few unexpected people in the lift.


There were lots of black lights all around and a whole black wall devoted to all those who a departed from the company as a joke and as a company political statement. The point is to have fun no matter what!


When there is two kegs of beer, large amounts of Jello shots, and people dressed up in costumes, there bound to be crazy things happening. When there scientists involved, the party become unexpectedly wild.  A brewer ( a former colleague)  at the Tacoma Brew Co. hooked us up with two kegs of beer for the party. One a IPA for casual drinking, and the other Lager for beer pong. Now you can see where I’m going with this right? One of my coworkers started “testing” out the beer pong tables at noon. By the time the costume contest rolled around he was buzzed! The beer pong for the last couple of work events has been a huge hit, and so we decided to up the stakes for Halloween. The room was tricked out with black lights and cups the glow in the dark to make it look underground. After a two rounds of jello shots from a food syringe, I somehow managed to get myself on the bus for home. I must have not been too buzzed at this point since I remembered the smell on the packed bus of pot, mildew, body odor and of course alcohol. I think I made the person next to me feel uneasy for most of the ride.

This year I decided to dress up as a 1920s flapper girl. The morning of the party I was wearing part of my costume on the bus to work when I was receiving strange looks by people. At one point a rider asked if I just got of from work at the local gentleman’s club! This came from someone who has seen me everyday on the bus in normal cloths. Apparently a flapper outfit looks like a high-end prostitute to some people wearing a black dress with tassel fringes, cut out lace pantyhose, black flat ballet shoes, curled hair, Cupids brow makeup and a feathered headband. Some people are completely clueless and one coworker said he didn’t get how someone would think it not a flapper costume. The flapper costume received a lot of praise for how it looked and even thou I didn’t receive the best individual costume award, people still loved it. For the group costume, my co workers and I wore costumes representing a time period. We did not win the award for creative, but I say we at least tried. As for the HR inappropriate one, this went to two coworkers who dressed up as an inappropriate banana, and Twister game. At one point I caught on camera their very inappropriate dance with their costumes. I think the picture will be disposed of after reviewing them  at work. Another costume that was borderline insensitive and genius was the Ebola Nurse. She being pregnant made the costume even more hilarious  and ketchup in blood collection tubes.

Next day at work I had a huge mess to clean up. This party must have been something wild since there were half eaten/drunk Jello shots everywhere. streamers and plates of food in all sorts of places, and disgusting green punch no one wanted. I wished I had taken a picture of the beer pong room after the party because it looked like a frat party happened in there. There were beer, Jello shots spilled on the floor, pong balls all over the floor, and black lights still on.

Halloween night was not as eventful as it should have been. The whole week I tried not to eat all the trick or treat candy before Halloween. Even buying the week of the event was not enough to curb my craving for Kit Kat Bars and Twixs. Shame on me! Even raided the  candy bowl at work. I have no shame! After spending the whole week avoiding the candy in the apartment, I only had one trick or treater. One! A three-year old in a purple dinosaur costume. I was so bummed from have the expectation of having all theses kids from the apartment complex coming and begging for candy. Even the guy downstairs went all out with music and a table of candy. We both were sadly mistaken. Halloween night did not live up to expectations. Oh well I guess I will be eating candy for a while and passed off some to Michael to take to work to get rid of.  I was very bummed out by not having any one. The night was spent curled up on the couch with Michael and watching a movie together. As Michael has said a few times “I’m old.”