Twenty Seven! Goal!

Ringing in my twenty-seventh birthday among crazy high-octane Sounders fans (and a very handsome guy I must say) was perfect! Both my boyfriend and I have birthdays around the same time (two weeks apart!) and I really wanted to go to  a game again with him. This time the match was between the Sounders and Real Salt Lake (Salt Lake City team).  Back in the end of February this year I bought tickets for this game when the single match tickets went on sale. I lucked out, really lucked out in finding two seats together for any of the games with really great seating. The real motivation behind getting tickets was to take my boyfriend to a game for his birthday, and when I saw there was a home game for the weekend before my birthday, oh man I went for it! I am a Sounders fan. Not as huge of a fan as my boyfriend, but a Sounders fan enough to have a scarf and a fan jersey. Now since meeting him, I have someone to go with!

But before I could take him to the game,I had to have him dress the part of a Sounders fan. I’m still amazed this guy never had a Sounders jersey to wear to the games. So being a good girlfriend and spoiling him, I bought him an authentic Sounder’s jersey like the ones the players wear. This is what his reaction was….


But then again he knew he was getting one since he needed to try one on so I can get the size right.

Morning of May 31st rolled around, I was ready to put on my fan stuff and start acting like what the English fans do, but with a Seattle twist. Seattle is still in its high from the Seahawks winning the Super bowl early this year. Most fans of the Sounders are huge fans of the Seahawks (the colors are the same for both teams).  We don’t have a 12th Man for the team, but nothing less, still feel it in the stands.

photo 5

Salt Lake Real and Sounder’s match was one of intensity. Both teams rank in the top two spots in the league in the West and so this game was all about the rivalry. In the end the Sounder’s won 4-0, scoring four goals throughout the game. Michael was really getting into the game, and a few times got really heated with how the ref was calling out yellow cards at the Sounders players. Apparently this game had one of the most hated MLS ref in the USA calling all the shots in the game. By the end of the game it seemed that maybe he was not so bad, but still as Michael put it, he still not a great ref for Seattle games. The tickets to the game turned out to be in a great location, but I think next time I will try to get them in an area where people normally don’t stand and block your view when you are sitting down. I was a happy camper too with the weather being nice and a large fresh squeezed Lemonade with a whole lemon in it! I look forward to this every time I come to a game.

After the game we all met up to do mini golf at Interbay Golf Course. I have never been great at mini golf and hate to think how bad I would be at real golf. If I ever played a game of golf I would have to be the one driving the golf cart because I am bad at it. Around this time of day there was the Putting and Pints thing going where you can drink beer and play mini golf. By looking at all how smashed people were when we were playing, I know for a fact I would be really bad at playing mini golf. The point was to have fun, and so I had fun.  After a game of mini golf we all went to Red Mill Burgers to have dinner before going our separate ways.