Que No Pare la Fiesta, Don’t Stop The Party

May- the month of celebration and getting together for a party. May so far has turned out to have a lot of get-together that have morphed into one big celebration after another.

First off Cinco de Mayo was all about the having a good time with the crappy weather Seattle was having. No sunshine for the weekend of Cinco de Mayo. Even at the grocery store there were still cases of Carona waiting for people to buy. I decide to celebrate anyway by having my boyfriend come over for a very simple Cinco de Mayo dinner. Our very small party’s fare consisted of extreme nachos, baked (not fried!) churros, and virgin margaritas on bright yellow blue Fiestaware.

For some reason my boyfriend could not contain himself at the nachos before him. I chuckle at this picture every time I see it. As you can tell I tried to make the churros look like the ones you buy, but only had a medium-sized cupcake decorator tip. Oh well the churros turned out great judging by how fast they were flying off the plate! As for the virgin margaritas, I used a bottle of margarita mix, and a bottle of lemon lime soda (sprite, 7-up) and mix them in my huge margarita glass. Has the same taste as the real thing except with no alcohol after taste.

A week later a BBQ with friends to celebrate, well I don’t know what we were celebrating to be honest. The weather was supposed to be crappy again, but it turned out to be a nice sunny day. The night before Michael and I had the fun task of making S’more bars for the event. Now I did not realize the recipe called for a 8×8″ pan instead of 13×9″ pan. Oops! In the end we both had to make it work since I could not for the life of me find a 8×8 disposable pan at any of the grocery stores. In the end Michael figured out how to even distribute the bars over the pan. The final verdict was the bar were fantastic! Everyone loved them. I will have to make them again, but this time use a 8×8 pan. Later on everyone gathered to play the most offensive dinner game, Cards Against Humanity. I have never played the game before and all of them had stories of times when each of them had a very offensive card combination. I have found card combinations on Pinterest that are quite shocking. Below is one…..

180b2ad2db75536782b8b147ce6bd4a2 (2)
Credit: Pinterest


The saying comes to mind… “My mind is a dangerous place, I don’t go there alone.” In the end none of us had any really good cards to play. I think majority of the game we all had cards dealing with foods and famous people. So my first time playing was tamed compare to what I have heard about some of group’s wild cards.

The following day Michael and I headed over to the Greenlake ballpark to watch one of his friends play baseball with his team. I am not really a baseball fan, but after meeting Michael I have been immersed into baseball since this is what Michael played when he was little. I really have not idea which team won the game since it was over with in two hours. The weather stayed nice throughout the game with a few clouds passing through.


To round off the whole long party was Michael’s birthday. On his birthday his parents took him and a small group of friends out to dinner at Chinooks at Salmon Bay. Majority of the table had the all you can eat fish and chips. Michael and his friend Nate decided to do a challenge to see who can eat the most beer battered chips (at least eight pieces each). They both made it to eight pieces of fish before they could not have anymore. A great crowed of people ringing Michael’s birthday in style.