Life At Lightning Speed, Year In Review

Life is changing at lightning speed. One minute I am in the waiting room waiting for what is next in life. Then boom like a flash, my life picked up speed like a rock rolling down a hill. The title of the blog post does reflect just this very thing.

I made a goal list I wanted to accomplish by the end of the year. I never make New Years Resolutions and never will. Out of theses goals, I wanted to continue on the path to healing and getting my life back on track again. In the first six months of the year, three of those goals had been met and done before I knew.

1. Paying off my car and owning it. It may not be something to say is an accomplishment, but when it comes down to finances, it makes sense. No one want to be strapped paying for a car too long. It took me only a two years and a half to pay it off, but still it is an accomplishment to me not to have something likes this eating away at your budget every month. The real accomplishment is being able to pay for the whole thing from the start to finish without any help from my parents.

week 9_edited-1

2. I turned the temp job I had a Dendreon into a perminate position within five months after the new year. I have been always wanting to work for this company ever since I graduated from college three years ago. I still cannot believe how lucky I was to have a recruiter contact me about a position needing to be filled and then a year later now working as an employee. Even with the struggles of making it through the lay offs this past November, I’m still blessed with staying in the same position.

3. Out on my own again. A month later after getting a job, I moved into my very first apartment by myself. This has been one learning experience after another. I am proud to say I have survived and am prospering on my own. Money has been tight, and at times I do go over to my parent’s house to have dinner with them. Living on my own without a roommate has been a learning experience in its self. I have all the responsibility of keeping up with everything and not relying on another to have their act together.

4. Getting out and meet new people. Some may find this a bit weird, but as an only child and an introvert, this is quite an accomplishment. In the past year I have met a lot of new people I never thought I would ever meet. I have done so through church activities, going to a friend’s wedding, and meeting new people through work functions.


5. Travel around or go on an adventure. This year I took my first real grown up vacation. I spent two weeks in Hawaii on the Windward side of Oahu. I learned a great deal about myself and figured out just what I had been missing from my life. The adventure part finally started to come out of me again. I know this is just the beginning of a life time of adventures in far ways places.

6. Start dating again. It hasn’t been easy. I was on for a while before I had to give up on it. I found that I am either too picky when it comes to guys, or I only attract men who are 40+ who should know better. I just found that I could not stomach anymore weird crazy guys and rejection from the decent guys. Towards the end of the year after one month on How About We, I met a guy who I started to date. As like most things in my life, I will see where this will go, and what (good) surprises are in store for me along the way. IMG_0071[1]

7. Started up photography. I have found a new hobby in photography. I have been doing the 52 weeks challenge with a group called My 4 Hens Photography 52 Weeks of Themes. I call it more of a challenge because this group has challenged me to grow as an amateur photographer.

8. Said goodbye to my Grandpa a WWII and Korea veteran. He died a year and three months from the day my Grandma died. A lot of memories of my childhood came flooding back. Now he is safe in the hand of the Lord.


9. Hosted Thanksgiving for the first time! The feast went off with success! I kept it simple, and that is the trick to it all.

10. Finally let go of the past I had been keeping tight. I let go of two guys who even long gone now, still were hanging around in my head where they should have not been for so long. I finally found how strong I have become as a person, and have learned a great deal about myself along the way. I did have some heartbreak by one guy, another who broke my heart who still wants to hurt me through his selfish ways. Let go is what I did this year. Let go of my baggage I no longer need or want in my life.

So as 2014 is starting I have more goals I want to accomplish this next year..

1. Eat more healthy and exercise more often

2. Train for a 5k run

3. Love, Happiness, and Passion!

4. Grow in my photography, friendships, faith, love, and career.

5. Another adventure or travel plans

6. Try new and exciting things

7. Continue to be financially stable

8. Enjoy life and all it has to offer.

Happy New Year everyone! May it being you everything you love!


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