Wedding Bells, Parties and Keeping Sane

August was a tough month. Not because I was invited to a wedding of a friend’s and I’m single, but just the whole month was to darn busy. Every weekend had something to do, go see, and just get ready for a major vacation in September. As a previous post may state, I started my adventure of online dating. Nope I did not get a date at all the whole month either. Bummer! Maybe because I’m just confused by what the hell I’m suppose to do per say on Match. Oh well, you have to learn at some point. I believe at some point there will be a connection with someone later down the road. After all, I may have to update or re due my whole profile again since there are men/boys who think I’m cute! Not cute in a good way. I like to have a guy like the one in Luke Bryan’s song “That’s My kinda Night.”I decided to wear contacts for the first time ever. I think I just needed to start not wear glasses to some things in life. Not like I hate wear glasses, just a time for a change is all. I am still in the part of my life where big and small changes are happening in synced now. I think one major event in a life can catapult you forward into changing some things about your life that need changing. As I have mentioned above, I need to start looking more like I’m in my 20s then high school.

Yearly fishing trip with Dad happened again! I’m my Dad’s fishing buddy and I have been bugging him to go fishing lately. Finally before summer officially was over, I got him to go fishing. We headed up towards Sultan area where the Sultan river and the Skyhomish river meet to fish for tout. we did not catch anything the whole time we were there. Bummer! Well just being out on the river and in the mountains was the highlight of the whole experience then catching a fish. I did see a family of deer coming down to the river to have a drink.  Deer around Seattle are the robot deers they use to catch poachers with. Funny thing happened while there……I ended up over casting my line into a tree branch and the line was stuck. I lost my bobble and my bait in the end. Oops! I just loved being out there and hoped to be back to try it again.

bachelorette party….well it was not the normal Hen party you think. This is great compare to how crazy some really get. My friend’s Hen party was tame compare to some I have been to. Think wine, with a little painting and some very fun moments! Not strippers and poles. I believe her husband -to- be would have liked it not to involve men in their skives. She did however had a blast just as it was with all of us girls. Our painting class instructor was a little um how should I say this…..happy? Like extremely flamboyant with the whole mood of the party. He seemed to think all of us should go up and sing our hearts out. No one did.

1238895_10202041651069811_664336044_n (2)
My lovely painting. I think this was me with too much wine.

Also on the same weekend, another friend’s husband had a birthday party. The theme was Alice in Wonderland. I went as the two of spades card and to be honest, the costume took 30 minutes to create. I think I will be the card again for Halloween this year for work. The cake served was a chocolate whiskey cake with whiskey glazed icing. To bad the alcohol did not burn off much since the cake was almost pure whiskey tasting. I think at some point I may have been almost buzzed from it. During a game of Crochet I was a little excited when people hit the ball. I also wondered what Lizzy put in the drinks too. I swear I scared a few people or was to enthusiastic for my own good.

My bad ass costume I made in 30 minutes

My wonderful friend was married on Aug 30th to her true love. Really these two were ment for each other. This has been a highlight of my month to see this couple finally tie the knot. I have watched as these two fallen in love with each other over the past year and a half. So much love for them. Their wedding was held at Craven farms out past Monroe WA. I have been there when I was a child picking pumpkins. Great to see not much has changed since then. The wedding theme was rustic country love. I really loved how the whole barn was decorated and was very intimate affair. Luck the weather decided to give us all an evening of clear skies and sunshine for the luck bride and groom. I could not ask for better weather. After a beautiful ceremony we all headed to the barn and danced, eat and toasted to the happy couple. So much love was in that place, you could feel it in the air. I do hope one day I too will experience this. Theses two are an inspiration.


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