What Is It With Online Dating?

e70d957fd2e9d7cd9d09ea99d2dc55b2Ok so I am not doing so hot when it comes to finding a guy or any guy in this town. Really Seattle can be so hard to find guys or girls (if you are a guy who is reading this) that are not attached. Really? Has Seattle become so cold towards love? Or am I just not doing this right? Anyways I decided one evening when I was thinking about how I really wanted to meet a guy, and having my friend’s wedding coming up soon….I kinda panicked and went on Match.com. I still don’t understand why? Maybe the wine got to me…yes the wine did get to me. So as soon as my profile was approved it started raining men. I don’t mean OMG strip club men, I mean the cute, the handsome, average and the bad…really bad! As the week progressed on, things started to happen that just frustrated the hell out of me. Now Match.com is a paid dating site, so I expected much more than the other all free dating sites. But OMG! I think I jumped in at the wrong time. Here is why I just cannot believe what I have done, and why I am frustrated.

1. Still creepy guys are contacting you. I mean ones who should really not be hitting on people.

2. Hello you need a profile picture. I want to see who you are, and be able to determine if you are real or a fake.

3. Please read my profile. There is a reason for it. What I state is what I want and I am going to be damn picky about some of it.

4. Why oh why would a 60-year-old seeking out 20 something? This is soooo wrong! I can’t even begin to tell you how grossed out and just plain appalled at this! My dad is around your age!

5. Why do all the older men want to date you, but the ones in your age range seem to not want to talk to you?

6. Please understand I speak English, and my profile says English. So this means flirt, talk or speak in English! A whole email to me in a language I do not understand insults me, and makes me delete you anyways. You are not being romantic at all.

7. I want someone who is smart, this means coming across as smart in emails, texts and what ever communication technology you use. I also want some one who has an associate degree and higher. This is because I have in the past dated someone who was not at the same education level as me.

8. If you are divorce, separated and have kids, please note I don’t want to date you at this time. Nothing against you, it just not for me at this time in my life.

9. If you are interested it is better to email me on the site and let me know. I will do the same for you if I was interested.

10. Saying random things that are creepy to begin with.

Now with that all out, I just don’t understand why people cannot follow the directions? But then again I’m in biology and I should know that logic is nothing when it comes to the mating dance at all. But when one person makes it hard, the rest will follow. Match.com did say if I did not find anyone in six months they will refund my money, well I know that will not happen. Maybe, just maybe the right ones will finally come to the top of the list when all the rest figure out there is nothing there. I dislike being  mean, and to be honest, I dislike having to go the extra mile to make it clear too.

So what is up with online dating? I mean really? I’m not desperate anymore, nor am I looking for a real fun time on a boat of a sixty year old either. I just hope all will turn out better in the end. Maybe someone will come along offline instead. I’m still hopeful.