Bang! 4th of July Band Music and Lake Stevens

My July was off with a bang! Last weekend of June, I moved into an apartment on my own. The weather was great for moving if you called moving in on the hottest weekend of the summer in Seattle a good thing. My first purchase while moving in was a fan. I cannot complain since my apartment does not get full on sun except the bedroom and there is an outdoor pool for those moments you want to just jump in to cool off (I have had the thought of just jump in with full cloths on!).  I have to admit there are many people who have dogs here, and being without a pet at the moment seems strange to me. I guess at some point I will be getting a kitty. As for now I am getting use to the swing of the apartments.

This Fourth of July I spent my day at a friend’s house on Lake Stevens. Her Grandma owns a lovely home on the banks of the lake, and she decides to have all 61 of us guests come to party. We all brought food, for the BBQ, beer, fireworks, and musical instruments for our band. There were plenty of things to do while we all waited for the huge fireworks displays around the lake to go off. At one point another girl and I went canoeing half way around the lake and had moments where we thought the canoe might flip from all the waves from the other boats were making when they came near us. Also a brutal game of volleyball and catch football made my arms and feet very sore the next day. But hey, I really enjoyed it!

Since I started going to Shoreline Community Church, I have become friends with a lot of talented musical people. This means when all of us get together for any occasion, we bust out the musical instruments and have a jam session. The 4th of was no exception. We rocked out to everything under the sun, and had a lot of amazing people get up on the makeshift stage (small lower deck) and rock out. I even had a go on the drums.


This picture may not look like a huge jam session going on, but later as the sun started sinking in the sky, there was a full on band playing with people sings and dancing to the music. I took this picture a few minutes before one of the keyboard decided to throw in the towel and fall off the stand twice. As you can see a makeshift stage, complete with floor lamps. This was a lot better kind of music compared to some of the stuff being played by passing boats. One such boat played Thriller by Michael Jackson at least ten times before they left us all alone for the rest of the day. I think those people were very drunk because no one wanted to hear it blaring up at all of us on the deck the whole time.

There are some places in Washington you can still light off fireworks….the legal stuff, not the stuff from the Indian reservations up the road. There are places where it is all out war over who can out do who when it comes to fireworks displays. Well Lake Stevens is no exception. All around the lake people were lighting fireworks off including boats (which is how a whole boat dock in Seattle caught of fire that same night), and sparklers. Most of the fireworks were left to other houses around the lake to do, most of ours where sparklers which are just as dangerous too. I have a burn mark on my thigh from a kid accidentally poking me with one. Ouch! We did have an incident with a mortar splitting in half and landing in the fire pit from a neighbor earlier in the day. Luck no one was around there when it happened since the half the shell landed in the fire and a huge fire explosion happened. No one was hurt, but huge flames were seen coming out of the pit on impact for a few moments.

1064364_611958738971_273453598_o (2)

As for the rest of the summer, I will be hearing fireworks going off infrequently until kid are at school. I believe this year has been one of the best 4th I have hand in a long time.