Life Is Changing In Lighting Speed

“Life is changing in a lightning speed, got married yesterday, and got a house today!” Yuling Zhou

With every passing month since the beginning of the year, there has been changes going on all around me. One minute I am staring into the setting sun knowing full well there is something life changing about to happen, and seems like all the small changes silently fit into place. Changes that have been coming for a long time, changes with how friendships play out and changes in who I am going to be in the future. Are theses changes scary? Yes they are, and yet there is a sense of adventure about to begin. Just the other day I wrote in someone’s card “The Lord has started your new adventure.” True, I always looked at life as an adventure, with new things to explore. I guess this is how I know everything is going to be OK in the end. And it will be.

Over the past months friends have had some major life events happen to them. Most were announced via Facebook, while others were told to a group of us at church. The ever-changing social media world, and the ever so fast pace changes of each of our lives has brought some of us to turning points in our paths.e70d957fd2e9d7cd9d09ea99d2dc55b2One such event is seeing a wonderful friend of mine got engaged to a  wonderful guy in our church. I remember meeting the both of them at a Growth Group movie night at her house. A few weeks later, they had officially started to date.  This past January after eight to nine months of dating, both announced they were engaged and will marry in August of this year. This life changing moment has made me believe there is still hope for me in the love department. I love them both dearly and pray for a beautiful friendship to blossom even further has the years go by. Another friend from high school recently married his college sweetheart this past month. I have never met his wife, I just know after a long engagement and a dating for a couple of years, these two will be very happy for years to come. He always has strikes me as someone who would find the one person non of us from childhood would know well. And think about it further, that is just the way he likes it.

For me to finally land a position with a medium sized pharmaceutical company I have always wanted to work for since graduating from college. With lots of prayers and hard work, I finally aced the seven month-long interview as a temp. Now my career in the life science has finally begun. I no longer feel like in the waiting for a chance, because now I have a chance. Few friends have also found rewarding positions in their chosen fields. One recently hired on at Bio-Rad Labs down the block from where I work. Another hired on at the beginning of this year at Amazon. A life changing moment for most of us to finally shed off those college and post college jobs we have been working at way too long.

One couple I am friends with have moved on to a bright new future as new pastors at another church in the Greater Seattle Area. Last week her husband accepted a job as a worship pastor at another larger church a few minutes from the current one I am attending. Sad for most of the congregation, and sad for a few of us who will miss them every Sunday. As another friend said “Farewells are bittersweet. Remembering the good times and memories shared by these two fantastic individuals.” I know this is not a goodbye forever because I know I will see them in the near future. Plus having other friends who are good friends with them also helps in meeting again and again. I am so happy for them in their new chapter in life, and hoping both will be great pastors for the new church family they are about to acquire. Love them both!

71873_594726083351_1670520289_nMoving on to the next chapter of our lives, where apartments and houses are awaiting us. I will be moving out into an apartment by myself. The next chapter in being independent and not having to answer to another person bout your weird habits is a plus. I feel even more grownup now. Life changing moment of making it on my own. With another friend just recently bought a house too, seems the next step into this ever-changing world is to own something.

Life is changing in lightning speed. Just last year around this time I was waiting for something to happen in my life. Something to jump-start me out of the sluggish time i was experiencing. I never thought for a moment a ball started to roll and one thing lead to another. Best part is…seeing others going through changes too.

“…simultaneously celebrating the beginning of a new chapter and the end of an old one.” Michael