Walking In The Tulips

Our first stop on my adventure was the Starbucks. I needed a caffeine before we headed off towards Mount Vernon an hour long drive towards the Canadian border. Outside the town we decided to take a different exit from the one we have used in the past. Well we drove up to Burlington before we exited off the freeway and realized we should not have taken this exit. Me being the navigator, I could not read the map were the fields are due to how confusing all the smaller roads (mean country lanes and roads not on the map) because everything looked the same. We ended up going in a circle before I saw the sign with the arrows pointing where Tulip Town is located. While lost in the country, Mom headed towards La Connor to turn around using the roundabout they have. We ended up having to turn around at the fire station and in the process of backing up, ran over their flowers! Oops! I feel bad just typing this, and hope the flowers bounced back in the end. after going around a circle again we found Tulip Town.

In the past Tulip Town is where I end up at every time I came. This year there was some added features like the memorial garden dedicated to those who are serving in our armed forces. Even on a week day there was still a lot of people in the fields and a lot of people buying tulips for the trip home. I bought three bunches of tulips for my desk at work, one for mom and one for a friend of mine.

A few miles down the road is the small town of LaConner where Mom and I had lunch. We decided to try the La Connor Brewing Co for lunch. The place was packed when we stepped in, and were very luck at the time to have snagged the last table before a line started to form outside. Our table was near the open kitchen where we can see how they made the wood smoke pizza. Due to so many diners, the service was very slow and at one point a waitress came by muttering under her breath how crazy busy the brewery was .We ordered the fish tacos, and chicken artichoke pesto panini, and did not receive our meal until 45 minutes later due to how crazy busy they were. When we finally left, there was a lot of people still waiting for a table.

After lunch we walked around looking at the small shops lining the main street. Our first stop, World famous Nasty Jack’s Antiques. World famous? I must have missed it. I have been before years ago, but this time there was nothing really “world-famous” about it. Just over priced on some antiques and odd ends like a huge whiskey flask which could get you sh*t faced really fast! We rambled along the waterfront looking at how much the Indian reservation across the river has grown. Before we headed home we stopped by a candy shop for some chocolate before we left. The only candy store in town La Connor Sweet Shoppe. A chocolate cover cookie, English sea-foam, chocolate covered peppermints, and chocolate cover peanut butter bar were what picked out.

On the way home, Mom and I took the scenic route towards Conway were the freeway connection is at. This route goes through some of the scenic farmland along road, and old Victorian farm houses in the middle of vast amounts of flat farmland. At one point I took this picture below from the car.