Want To Visit Seattle On Summer Holiday?

Glass House

Summer is almost here! And this means I will see more and more post of people traveling to Washington and Seattle. If you are thinking about visiting this beautiful state and city you might as well do it! Washington is chock full of wonderful things to do (even when rain is in the forecast). We have lots of natural parks, many fun family things to do, lots of yummy food, wine and breweries for those who like to go on a culinary tour of the state. Being a local I am a little bis when it comes to places you should see, but if nothing I have suggested seems up to what you feel like doing you can always check out Washington State Visitors’ Guide for more. For those who have never visited or are new to the Seattle area I have a page just of the fun a touristy things to do while here. Most of the locals still visits theses places too so do not worry about it. Stop by the pages about Seattle and Washington to plan the next vacation here!


I have been getting a lot of questions of late about living and working here from those who are moving here from another country to work in our technology industry. There is a blog I direct people to with immerse amount of information about relocating here from outside the US. Diary of A Pampered Housewife writes more to Australian’s being recruited by Amazon, but her advice is valuable nothing less (and her observations about living here are dead on). I would check out her blog and the page Ultimate Guide For Aussies Relocating to Seattle. Most of the advice can be said for recent recruits for the major tech giants who at the moment are hiring. I can still answer many questions about Seattle and Washington in general as a native, and to those who are coming here for work in the Biotech/Biomedical industry. So check her blog out.