Ugh February!

62608b43f419bbcc2faef93da0440182February has come and gone. Thank goodness, I don’t want to see it again for another year. For the past couple of years I have had a reason not to like the month of February. Nothing to do with a certain holiday around the 14th. I just don’t like how it is the month where things go down hill-really fast. Fast like an out of control freight train.

For the past couple of years all of my relationships with any guy fall part around this time. I always thought this must be due to Valentines day, but oh no, it is not. Seems like around the 14th, all the winter-ness of Seattle takes a toll on everyone. Judging by the statistics of most relationships do end around V-day. So why do we need to celebrate this holiday? Is there a real reason why? I know its all around celebrating love, but can this be done all year long? Not just one day. Maybe I am bitter about the whole thing, and really I try not to. But a girl cannot stand witnessing another breakup from anyone anymore. Another is the fact Greater Seattle area is known nationally as not the easiest city to meet new people in. This can make anyone single feel like there is something wrong with them.

Things are not what they seem at work. A year ago I lost my job when a coworker accused me of things I did not do. In the end my work performance started to suffer because I did not want to go to work for fear of what could go wrong. This year, things started to take a nose dive again. I was pulled aside by my supervisor to figure out what was going on after some events in the lab had happened. In the end it turned out (I still have a job), but I was on edge most of the month trying not to become paranoid person.

The darn weather here in Seattle makes one sick of seeing nothing but dull gray gloomy skies day in and day out. Along with the fact of how cold (yes cold days happen here) most of the days are. For most part of the month rain keeps most people indoors and this causes frustration. People around here become down right nasty at times! You might as well shove a dozen red roses up someone’s a** because they manged to piss you off!

I believe next year when February rolls around I will need to take the month off from life. Literally! I have heard Hawaii is nice around this time, so I think there is a trip I need to do. If there is a relationship around this time, I may just tell him to take a break for the whole month and reconvene in March to keep anything from going wrong around V-day. As for my job, well they can let me have some day off to recharge my battery can’t they? So overall, I do not like the month of February, and wish I could get through the month unscathed. Maybe, just maybe next year I can change my mind about February.