Hiding Offline Again


No I have not gone into hiding at all. Just decides to step away for a while in the beginning of the year to start the new year off right in my offline life. So much has happened to me in a short period of time and so much needs to be taken care of for the up coming year. First of all, to my readers, you are all wonderful and I hope all of you had a very wonderful Christmas and a nice start to the new year. For me, the new year came with some unexpected surprises and some interesting moments. I have a feeling this year is going to get only better with each passing month.

Changes have happened to me starting the beginning of this month. I started out the new year as a single women, now I am in a relationship with a wonderful guy I have known for over seven years now. I am currently in a long distance dating relationship with one of my best guy friends from school. I am willing to see how the whole thing is going to work out. One thing to date a person who you are getting to know, it is another to date a friend I have known for so long. Girls, getting a guy out of the friend zone can be scary at times!

As for this lab technologist, I am now on an extended contract with the company I am currently working at. I know another six months of  being a temp will put me at a year as a temp for one company. I know what you are all thinking, why not hire you permanent? I’m still wondering why too. I like where I am at, and would love to stay. But as June fast approaches and my parents cannot keep me on their health insurance, I do need stability in a job. Starting my career over again last year was and truly scary. I just hope by the time May rolls around I will have good news on my place at this company.

One of my photographs for a photography challenge was featured on a professional photographer’s website. I am thrilled at being recognized for my work. I have now taken up a passion of mine again after being away from doing it for so long. I hope as the challenge progresses, I will learn new things about photography.

Another wonderful thing…..I will start blogging again! Yep one of my New Years resolutions is to post more meaningful posts about things important to me and science. This means, keeping my spam filter in tip-top shape so not to miss any of all your wonderful lovely comments. This means war on all those male enhancement drug spam sh*t from clogging up (how does Biotechie’s Life trigger so much garbage drug advertisements?).  So cheers! Here is to another exciting year ahead.