Goodbye 2012, Welcome 2013!

Goodbye 2012 and welcome 2013! This year has been one big transformation for me in my life and others. Major event was breaking up with a guy who I thought I was going to marry. Turns out life had a better plan for me and a better person in mind. I am very thankful to finally see this in hindsight and know I am lucky to no longer be in a toxic relationship. I hope in 2013 love will find me again with a nice guy.

I finally landed a proper position at a real biotech company doing what I am passionate about. I have a sense of purpose and I am happy with the work I do for cancer research.  Finally I can get my career off the ground. The last job was not for me at a blood center. Never was meant to be a long-term place for growth for me. I’m glad for it. As of right now, I hope to grow with this company in the future. Expand my skills to other parts of research within the company.

Since joining the local church, I have gained a whole lovely wonderful group of ladies who are exceptional. Through theses lovely ladies, I have learned so much about myself and what being women are all about. I found a place of inner peace, and a place where I do not feel threaten by others opinions of me. For once there are women who will boost each other up instead of tearing each other down. Joining the local church body, I have found my way back to God. Been awhile since I have listen to Him. He finally made it clear he wanted more for me in life and had a special assignment for me to accomplish.

I’m at financial peace. I think I still want to earn more money for what I do, but I know now not to worry so much about where my next pay check will be. Being unemployed again at the beginning of the year taught me to hold on for better opportunities. Those day have come for me toward the middle of the year. I still want security in this part of my life. Having a stable income would keep the stress at bay, and give me the chance to grow in other parts of my life.

My goals for the new year.

  1. Be financially stable
  2. Move out from home again. This time be successfully living on my own.
  3. Explore more, gain new interests, and travel more.
  4. A permanent  position in biotech company
  5. Love, is it really so hard to find?
  6. Enjoy more of life has to offer.