Weekend of The Turkey

I wish I could say I am from a quintessential American family, but I am not. There are somethings our family does that is very American like BBQ and baseball, but still we have too much of European traditions to call us a typical American family. Take Thanksgiving, we do not do the whole cook a turkey in the oven, instead we have ham, turkey breast, roast beef or Cornish game hens. This year it was all about the turkey breast and small ham. I do not like meat from a bird all that much. I will eat chicken at times, but I am not a huge fan. Turkey breast is what was the main dish this year, along with mashed potatoes, dinner rolls, Brussels sprouts (yuck to me) and pumpkin cheese cake. I dress up the table in the American/English style (something Emily Post would be proud to see) with all the nice dishes Mom has hidden for theses special occasions. Christmas and Thanksgiving are the only occasions I can go all Martha Stewart meets the Queen of England’s china (OK maybe not her china).

Thanksgiving Table

Mom and Nana every year make their yearly pilgrimage for a free Costco cookbook on Black Friday. Instead of pushing people out-of-the-way on their way to the electronics section like most at midnight at other stores, they both go crazy for the cookbooks being handed out at the register. I’m safe to say it is now a family tradition to go to Costco after Thanksgiving for a cook book.I was surprised there was not a lot of people who were in Costco this year. Usually people are hauling out electronics by the cart load, but not this year. While there I picked up my Christmas present to myself. I have wanted a dSLR camera for a long time and I have been doing nothing but research on which is the best brand for a dSLR and which model I should buy. I decide to buy a Nikon 3200 dSLR from Costco. The reason is more bang for your buck. Instead of paying $700 for just the camera and the standard lenses, I can get more in a kit at Costco like an extra lens, camera carrying bag and a memory card. All that adds up to be more than thousand dollars in the end if bought separately.

Nikon, Costco Cookbook, and My Shoes.

The rest of “Black” Friday was spent at home instead of fighting the shopping mall crowds. I am glad I no longer work in retail! We did however try a recipe from the new Costco cookbook (Simply Delicious, Costco Way) called Turkey Casserole. We had all Thanksgiving left overs to make this dish and will make it again next year to have all the left overs eaten up faster. Also I made Lardy Cake for the first time for a get together this coming week (recipe will follow later).

Edmonds WA had their tree lighting ceremony on main street. Lots of people came out to ring in the start of Christmas season. The scene looked like it could be Who ville from the Grinch That Stole Christmas with everyone around the tree singing. The only thing missing…..the Grinch coming down the tree stealing the presents under the tree Just seeing that would be a sight to see. Earlier that day I visited the Historical Museum to learn more about the history of the city and a little bit of shopping on main street.

A little blurry, but there it is alight.

Monday to us is Black Friday is to normal people…. or not. Anyways, Mom, Nana and I do our major Christmas shopping on Monday after all the other Black Friday Shoppers are all back at work. We call it Black Monday or as the nation calls it Cyber Monday. Either way, we do a major dent on our bank accounts on this day. Lunch with Nana and Mom at Anthony’s Home Port at the Alderwood Mall for some damn good fish tacos. Then off for some Christmas shopping. We all ended up spending way too much time in Cost Plus World Market buying all the English candy and chocolate we could find. This is the only time of year we find this stuff, so when its there we go crazy. Too bad most of the Cadbarry and English Kit Kats are made outside the US or UK.

Now some serious Christmas decorating and getting those presents in order.