Oh My! Halloween!

Halloween, the celebration of the harvest and begging for free candy from strangers. I normally do not go over board for this holiday, but this year I made an exception. I never had a Halloween quiet like this one this year.

This year I revived the M&M pumpkin creation again. I did this back in elementary school for a pumpkin contest. This time the pumpkin was a witch instead of a farmer and there were no loose M&Ms in the trick or treat bag (I had someone steal glued on M&Ms from the pumpkin before-yuck!). My pumpkin was the pride of place at work this year for all to enjoy on my desk.

Dressing up this time I was not a lab rat (thank goodness for some creativity this year) but the character Anastasia Steele from Fifty Shades of Gray book series. I combined two scenes into this costume. The scene of the masquerade ball, and the little black dress she wears to a date with Christian Gray. This costume was tamed compare to how outrages and inappropriate you can make this (especially if you are dressing up at work and not the club) based on some risqué themes in the book series. The work party was not what  expected in the end since not many people dressed up this year at work (one coworker said it was lame how so many people decided not to dress up). I did tied for best original costume with another coworker who went as a chimera rat (laboratory testing rats) with tumor bulging out of the side of him. There was yummy food with lots of laughs about all the outrages things we all get up to.

Anastasia Steele/Gray from Fifty Shades of Gray Series
A gogo flapper hybrid

For the trick or treaters, there were hardly any. I don’t live in an area with many young families, so an occasional one showed up. I thought about just dumping the whole bowl into one and not answer the door for the rest of the night.

Even with this wet weather in Seattle, nothing could dampen the spirit.