Gone Fishing…

Better to go now then never. I love to fish. I need to be out in nature with a cane pole catching all the fish I can (or legally can). But this past Sunday Dad and I went fishing on one of the small rivers running through Bothell. In the end we did not catch any fish which was a bummer since I wanted to catch one so badly.

I am the only fishing buddy Dad has around here now. Since most of the summer has been quite busy, both of our schedral finally were clear enough to go. Fishing is not easy at the moment do some of the rivers and lakes are very low. Right now going up in the mountain rivers and lakes is not possible with all the wildfires and smoke. I’m so bummed since the best fishing are in those areas.

How I roll when fishing
Snoquamish River in Bothell

One tradition when going fishing in my family….pulled pork sandwiches. This time there was no disappointment.

Now with one fishing trip done, I still think I can get one more in before it becomes too cold for sitting outside very long.


One thought on “Gone Fishing…

  1. I absolutely love fishing too! It definitely is something to pride yourself in when you can cast, rehook a line, unhook a fish, and put a worm/minnow on a hook. It is a lot of fun when you are catching fish and I find it really relaxing too. 🙂 great pictures of your fishing adventure, love the pulled pork sandwiches for when you go out fishing.


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