Where were you that September day?

Where were you when the world stop turning, on that September day. -Alan Jackson

On the morning of September eleventh I was an eighth grader waking up on a bright sunny morning in Seattle. I remember my Mom getting me up early so I could make it to my orthodontic appointment before school. Usually I get up and take a look at the weather for the day so I can figure out what to wear that day ( even in middle school, you need to look better than the girl sitting next you or look like you should be in high school). On this day, there was breaking new that an airplane had slammed into one of World Trade Center towers. As I was waiting for the bottom scroll er to show the weather for Seattle, a second plane slammed into the second tower live. This happened around 6:30 am PT, which would be between 9-10 am ET. At this point reports were coming in that two other planes were heading for other targets, and this was not an accident, but an act of aggression. While at the orthodontic office, the technologist and the orthodontist was listening to the news report on the radio on what was happening in New York. Since he was engrossed in the news he accidentally tighten my braces too tight that is hurt by the end of the day (he loosen them the following day after my Mom called him about it.).

While at school news was traveling fast from word of mouth from kids who had parents and family members (there was no smartphones back then) who called them to informed them about what was happening. Teachers and school administration by the middle of the day started shutting off the internet and no tv where not allowed on the news channels. By the end of the day, the principle decided to have all after school activities canceled so students could be with their families. I boarded the bus home to be alone to watch the images of what had happened while I was in school. The shock, the horror, the misery, the unknown, the pain, and the anger were all there for this 14-year-old.

During the rest of the week the only planes in the sky were the military planes patrolling over the region. For the first time in a very long time, the sky above our house was very quiet. The whole area seemed like a ghost town, and people for first time in a while were nice and friendly to each other. In US History class our teacher lead us in an exercise about what it means to be an American and how we are seen in the world. This was a time where I learned how the other half of the world lived and how not everyone in the world loves us because of our nationality.

9/11 Memorial Wall
From: http://www.cnn.com

To this day I still feel for the families who lost some one on this day. I pray to this day for the children who lost a parent or both. And hope one day our troops will come home again.