Blackberries Cooking On The Sidewalk

Whoa! I think I’m going to step back inside the lab building again! Seattle on a very hot day can be almost killer with the humidity and heat punching you in the face. Us Seattleites are real wimps or very creative when a heat wave hits us. Like when the sun comes out no matter what time of the year it is, we all migrate to outdoor even when it is cold outside. So think what we are really like in a heat wave? Yep you guessed it. Head for the water, and fast! Fans on full blast (finding an AC is hard to find here), kitty pool out, and a reason to walk the dog without it being a chore. So walking to the bus stop this afternoon was insane when there are mashed black berries on the sidewalk bubbling in the sun! Crazy right? Being near South Lake Union, you think there would be some coolness in the heat. Nope! Sorry, still no relief. I cannot complain about the heat since summer only really comes for a week here, so I might as well grin and bear it. Besides, working in a laboratory has its perks. In an air-conditioned building for eight hours is not really bad until you walk out to an oven like temperatures. So “m just going to pour me some pink lemonade and sit back with the fan on me and enjoy this while it lasts.

Coolest place in the yard is where the cat is.