Six Months

Six months since my life came crashing down, six months since that faithful day when my life changed. Six months since I thought I was going to die of a broken heart, six months since I was lost, six months since I laid eyes on the son of B*tch who hurt me. I now stand six months stronger, wiser, tougher, full of life, full of new experiences, full of hope and full of happiness. I keep say to myself, I would not be where I am today if I had stayed with him. I would not have all the wonderful people I have now, the job, the calmness and a future. I am one unstoppable person right now. I have accomplished all this with the greatest strength from Lord. Looking back on it now, I do not recognize myself, and now know he was never meant to be a part of my story for long. God had other plans for me, and he knew who was going to be the person I am going to spend the rest of my life with. I am looking forward to this, looking forward to the many adventures I am going to embark on. He will one day meet his match, or God will revenge for all those he has hurt. I forgiven him in order to move on with my life. I know he is not sorry for what he has done, nor will he ever openly admit it ever. I am glade God gave me another chance to start all over again with my life. A fresh start. To become the person I was meant to be. I am excited about what is to come. I know six months ago I feared what the future held for me. I feared that I would never be loved by another. Even as a single, I know I must sort out my baggage before I meet another. Six months ago the world was a very dark place, where nothing I did never turned out right. Things became hard for me. God just knew I would come back to him. He was and still is the light in the darkness. A light to guide me home to those I was meant to be with. I’m not that scared girl any more in an abusive relationship, no longer having to change myself to please a person who never seemed to be happy with me. I no longer care for what he thinks of me, or what he says about me any more, because I know the truth, and I know what kind of person he is. His family, friends and even current girlfriend can think ill of me, but I am not the person they all paint me to be.

I’m moving on to the next thing in my life. I have closed this chapter of my life with a padlocks on it. I never what to go back to that place ever again. I now know what it is like to be in an emotion, mental and verbal abusive relationship. To those who find themselves in this situation right now, I pray you find the courage to walk away or get out. You deserve so much more than a man who blames you for everything going wrong in the relationship. I have been there, and girls, you are so much better off without him. He has tought me a lot about myself that I never knew.

So six months and here I am. With so much more than I could ever imagine to have. I thank Lord, Jesus, my parents, friends, family and all those along the way who has given me courage and strength to go on. Even on my worse days, I know I will be alright. I no longer cry tears over him, and I never will. I laugh instead knowing he didn’t  slow me down nor destroy me. I am a stronger women today. I know there will be a better man out there for me. I’m yet to meet him on the journey through this life. I cannot wait for what the Lord has in store for me.