2 Parking Tickets + Patrol Car = Ride The Bus

After getting two parking tickets in a row since starting work in South Lake Union (what was I thinking driving?), I have started to take the bus from Northgate to Eastlake. After the second ticket I decided to have my car go off the radar of the parking enforcer. Now the story behind this, is the fact I put myself into the patrol car, yep you heard it right! I had a problem with the parking enforcer. I was walking back to my car after work when I spotted a parking ticket and the enforcer. Since Seattle is notorious for confusing,contradicting, hidden behind over grown plants,and down right crazy parking signs, you would be upset! Well being it a trying day at work, I went to ask the enforcer (a women for the fact) to explain to me what the signs really mean and why she put a boot on my car. She thought when I walked over to her, that I was threatening her! Me threatening? Oh please! She called the police on me. When the police officer came, she told him I threatened her, and was being aggressive towards her by saying I was going to drive away with the boot on my car (I would damage my car if I tried). Hearing that, I was mad, thermonuclear mad. So I walked over to the patrol car (and I kid you not),opened the back passenger door and sat down in the patrol car like I was going to be taken down town to the police station. At this point I might as well put myself there without the handcuffs since there was no way I was going to get out of this damn mess. I made a point to both, especially to the officer. He came over and asked me what happened from my point of view. After looking me up in the system he found the enforcer had illegally put boots on my car since there was only one (now two) tickets issued to me and not four. In Seattle it is four unpaid parking tickets that gets you the boot. In the end the enforcer lost and I won except the parking ticket fine. I drove home to tell everyone how now I am taking the bus to work since the officer told me to do it or else suffer another parking ticket.

I have never in my time living in Seattle area ever took public transportation. I have either worked in an area where access to a bus was difficult, or worked at night where you don’t want to be waiting for a bus late at night in the worse part of town. My first time doing this was an adventure since I had to figure out from landmarks where I needed to get off at. Getting back on during rush hour is another challenge since most seats are taken by that time and you have to stand and hold on to the poles, rails and even people. I have ended up in the lap of some guys due to a driver with a habit of slamming on the brakes. Not that I am complaining, but it gets old really fast. The bus is very quiet with very little conversations happening both ways. I think people just tune into their ipods, ipads, phones and anything else they can tune out the world with. I just like to have some time to unwind before I get home, and commuting is much easier.