What A Week

Hey I have a new job now! Yep, super excited about working for a major biotech company here in Seattle. I have been wanting to work for this company for a long time, and now I am. Been a while since I have been in a very ultra modern lab in a while.

I was interview by six people by the time I got the job. Lets say the interview was not what I expected. It was even better! I am one of those who likes to do interviews in person, I make a better connection then on the phone. For past five months I have been looking for a position in the biotech industry. I had enough of blood banking for a while, and the place I was at was not a place for me to grow.

Eastlake, South Lake Union, Seattle WA

My first day started with me going down town Seattle to the Russel Investment Tower to the main administrative part of Dendreon. I have a fear of elevators that go past 5th story.I always think I am going to die or get stuck between floors when I am alone in one. Well to make matter worse for me, the floor I needed to be on was on the 32nd floor! At first I went on the wrong elevator when I realized the system had three main ones, each assigned to a range of floors. When I finally got the right elevator, I was told by one of the guys in the elevator that the 32nd floor does not open until eight am, and it was only seven fifty am. I had to ride the elevator down again to the lobby to sit for 10 minutes before attempting to do it again. When I finally made it to the right floor, I was greeted with a spectacular view of Elliot Bay. You can see the ferries coming in and all of the Puget sound below. I did not walk to the window just in-case I had a scared of heights moment again. I wish the lab I worked in had a view like that! I felt like I need to not be in science but something like business. While there I felt like the character Anistasha Steele from Fifty Shades of Gray when she goes to interview Mr. C Gray at his office. The elevator, and the floor really made me feel like I did not belong there, which is correct when you are riding the elevator with business suits all around you with you wearing jeans! Kerry and I missed the shuttle bus on our first day and had to get a cab to take us to the lab. To make it interesting, President Obama decided to come into town for a fundraiser in Bellevue and he came in during rush hour traffic. It took me two hours to get home since I was stuck in Seattle trying to go north bound on I5. The rest of the week flew by with so much to learn and so much to do. Starting out again in the work force after being away for five months. I am so glade to be working again in the field I love to be in.

South Lake Union, Seattle WA

On Saturday I went to the church’s Grill and Chill event a Cromwell Park with the family after my half day at work. The event was a huge success with lots of people coming out to enjoy the nice sunny weather that showed up in the afternoon.  I of course saw all the wonderful ladies from the girls group I have been in for the past three months.

Sunday was a girls lunch tea with Nana and Mom. All our birthdays are in June, but we held off until we all could be together for this affair. We went to Village Eatery and Tea Company at Country Village in Bothell. We had the village afternoon tea special with tea sandwiches, tea scones, Roombas Rainbow tea, garden salad, and small tea desserts in a small English tea cottage theme cafe.