Spontaneous Day In Edmonds

Sometimes you just need to be spontaneous and just do something wonderful for a change. I spent a whole day with Nana in Edmonds and cruising the Puget Sound on a ferry-boat. Since the weather was gorgeous and there nothing like a nice sunny weather in Seattle. I have to say, I love this weather!

Edmonds-Kingston Ferry From the fishing pier.

Our day started off looking through the stores on main street Edmonds. Nana quite the savvy traveler, forgot her head pillow for her flight to Oklahoma. So we popped into the Savvy Traveler store in Edmonds. I could go crazy in this store if I was going on a trip some where. Too bad I don’t. This store has almost everything for your travel including a toothbrush with toothpaste stored in the handle of the brush. Neat idea! Lunch was at Chantrels. This place has many memories from the past. The place is a little place that has been around for a while. I highly recommend doing lunch or dinner here.

We strolled along the pier where all the fishers have their fishing lines hanging off the sides. This reminds me to plan a fishing trip this summer. I have been interested in fishing in the salt water. Right now I need to do some fishing in the fresh water areas. While taking a stroll I had this idea to be spontaneous and hop aboard the Edmonds-Kingston ferry for a ride. I miss just taking a ride on a boat, and just relaxing while the ferry floated over to the other side of the Puget Sound area what a real treat. While docking in the Kingston ferry terminal, there where nests with baby seagulls. They were so darn cute! There of course was no nests on the Edmonds side. The ride was wonderful to have wind in the hair, sail boats floating in the background, and just enjoying a wonderful view of the water. I now want to go visit the islands around the Puget Sound now. Something I will be putting on the bucket list. Overall a wonderful sunny Monday to spend with Nana.

Babies On The Docks (Kingston)
Kingston From The Boat
On deck of the ferry
Edmonds-Kingston Ferry