Summer Is Here

Nice of you sun to be coming to visit us now in Seattle. This past weekend The whole Seattle area had sunny weather with temperatures we all love to have for a while. As rest of the country is dealing with huge heat wave and massive forest fires, we have been lucky to have mild weather. Now the heat and the humidity has come to out shores again. I will admit, I don’t always get enough vitamin D and popping the vitamin does not help much either. I love the sun (apparent due to my massive sunburn from the 4th.), and I will find any reason to be out-of-doors in nice weather.

Nana arrived here from Ashland Oregon for a few days. She brought the nice hot sunny weather with her as she traveled up the I5 corridor. She will be flying out on Monday night to Oklahoma to see friends and then off the Virginia to see the rest of the family. She will be leaving here with hot weather and arriving with hot weather back east. So how can she go wrong with the nice weather. Been running around town late with Both Nana and Mom. I am exhausted from all of it. The heat does get to you even with the fans going full blast since here in the Pacific Northwest we don’t use air conditioning all that often.

Poor Maddie kitty has been very hot with her fur coat on. So this past weekend we gave her a bath to cool off and to get her clean. She had a moment when she wanted out of the sink so fast she went under the water for a second. She might have thought we were going to drown her in the sink. At least she waited to the end of the bath to put up a fight. For the rest of the day she went out side to dry off and to be mad at all of us. At least she got to cool off for a bit.

Scruba dub in the sink!