Starting Off July With a Bang

Well that was one heck of a week! I started another photo challenge on Instagram called Photo a Day July and ended up getting sun burned again on the arms. Lets say summer has finally arrived here in the PNW.

Sunday our church had a picnic at Edmonds city park. I brought pasta salad and pink lemonade cookies for the event. I met some girls around my age who have known each other for a while. Since they are all hiking enthusiast, I believe there will be many adventures with these wild ladies in the future.I need to get out of my shell more now since this is a fresh start again in my life. Lucky the rain held off for our get together since there was gray skies through out the whole thing.  Megan brought home a new member of the family, a kitten named Ruby and she is the most adorable thing ever. Been a very long time since I have been around a two month old kitten.

Monday I made some alcohol drinks for later this week. I don’t know what the heck is going on with me on this. I guess I reached a point in just knowing I’m an adult and I can buy the damn stuff and consume it to. A long with this, I have been sleeping on a ghetto air bed with a hole some where. Lets say pillows under the thing is over board so I don’t have to sleep on the couch again.


Tuesday I Getting ready for 4th. I bought theses interesting nail art strips for my patriotic nails. Lets say I have issues with stickers, and even nail stickers can be too tricky for me. I feel retarded at times when I get it to stick on anything else besides were I want it to be. I will admit, it did not go so well in the end. I have this knack of chipping or peeling the paint off the nail in the end.

Happy Birthday America! You are now 236 years old. I spent the 4th watching fireworks and seeing parade in Edmonds. BBQ with friends and family at my house. While having too much fun, I ended up with a massive sun burn on my arms and shoulders. Oh well, I love the sun and I will pay for it later on. At the parade Megan and I ended up with free bubble makers. Unfortunately we did have a moment in the little kids parade where some women decided to wear the princess Leia costume so revealing that her butt was on full display. The wind did not help much and she was caught accidentally on camera by Megan who could not believe it.  We were both on a mission to get an awesome picture of us blowing bubbles (see pictures below). The fireworks this year was short for once. I liked the spinners and the fountain fireworks. Seems every year they come up with something more creative in entertaining us.

Bubbles with Megan
Bubbles with Megan
Come to the dark side

Now off to get ready for Nana’s arrival.