Fifty Shades of More Than You Think

Seattle has had a lot of recent publicity when it comes to bestselling book series. First it was Twilight, now Fifty Shades Trilogy. Both authors never set foot in the areas of Washington their characters are based in and with the internet, one can guess it’s easy to write about a place you never been before. I wish I had that ability to do this. Maybe the next best seller is going to base either in Tacoma or Bellevue then in Seattle.

Lot of people say it is “mommy porn,” and I can see it that way, but I found it was not all about sex and dominance. There is a love story running through all three books, and the story is not all a fairy tale plot either. There points in the books where both characters have to overcome something in order to move forward in their relationship. I see in the character Christian Gray a troubled man who is fighting his past and trying to move forward in to a future with Ana Steele. Ana Steele has to figure out if she is strong enough to help Christian or herself through the nasty past. I see two characters that come from two different backgrounds, which put all the superficial things behind them to form a strong relationship. Sex and dominance is a part of the story, and yes it is mind-boggling to some of us but that is not all the book is sole about. The first book may come across an abusive relationship, but in the end of the book Ana walks away showing her worth and showing Christian she does not want this kind of relationship. Second book they both get back together and start a whole new relationship, a conventional relationship. Third books both are married and going through the trials of what it means to be married when their relationship started out unconventional.

In Fifty Shades of Gray both characters meet when Ana has to interview Christian on behalf of her friend Kate who is sick. This chance meeting throws Christian and Ana into an unconventional relationship. Fifty Shades Darker dives into really what makes Christian Gray the way he is. In this book he realizes that he really wants to be with Ana, but it will have to be more than a contract relationship like is past girlfriends. This is my favorite book in the whole trilogy. I love how through this book their relationship starts to form more into a stable one. Fifty Shades Freed is more on their relationship after they are married. This one is full on adventure and even a few dark secrets that could tear anyone apart if not handle correctly. This last book is about how strong Ana and Christian become when faced with harrowing events, events that really makes or breaks a couple in their relationship together. I like how Ana is the strong and brave one in some of the crises moments. In the last book, it shows her no longer the submissive to Christian dominance. Yet all three books have steamy sex scenes and S&M in the mix. I see more than this, I see a story within the pages.

I do recommend this book to those who do not mind a little (ok a lot) of sex in a book. This of course is for mature readers who have an open mind too. I see this book can help married couples get their thing back after so long in a rut.