My Dad, My Hero

My father has been a great inspiration to me. In his life he has been through so much, and with this he has instilled in me what the world is about. He has been my cheerleader in all the things I have done in my life. He was there to pick my sorry ass up off the ground when a guy took me for a horrible ride for two years. He is the one I get advice about all the important things in the world, and even he will admit even guy advice. My Mom has been super mom, but my Dad is my hero. The one who took me fishing when I was young (caught all the fish) and still does as a grown up. I am still a Daddy’s girl, and I will always be.

My Dad has done many things for me in my 25 years of life, but one story that still makes him a softy in my heart was when the Princess Dairies books came out, my Dad hid in the Cook book section of the local book store waiting for all the teens (did I just wrote that?) to be done with getting their books signed by Meg Cabot. Then he went over and had the books signed for me. To this day I still think of that one thing he did for me. What a great guy is what the author said to her assistant. Later in one of her books she makes a reference to that same act in one of the characters in the book series. 

I know there is a list of 50 things a father should do with his daughters, and I know now that it is true for a guy to spend time with his little girl teaching her how to be a strong women when she grows up. I thank both parents for raising me to be a strong independent women, but my father tough me to live my life the way I want to live.

To my Dad, Happy Father’s Day to a wonderful Dad who still teaches me everything I need to take on this world. Kiss!