Folk Life Festival and Chihuly Museum

Also on Memorial Day I was at the Seattle Center where Folk Life Festival was happening. Every year Seattle has a festival to celebrate the folk arts, and music during the thee day weekend. Its our huge block party for the city in a way. This was the first time I have attended (yeah I know been here most my life and now I’m just attending!) this festival. Mostly it about the lesser know bands in the area performing in front of the masses. Of course we will have those who are street performers who can really make a crowed stop to watch or those who you just walk on by because there is no way they have any musical talent as they think they have (cruel, but true). The homeless are out in force, and one even hit in Mom in front of Dad.Pretty much all the crazies come out to play when mixed with beer and lots of music. The crazy political activists are out trumping their opinions to the masses, especially the ones who have a message so hateful (I do not need to say the name of the group-you know who I mean), and ones who just want to make you think for a moment with some funny message. Lots of things to buy from street venders, and lots of food to chow down on (The Frankfurter Hot Dog Stand), and all the lemonade you can possibly drink (where is the water? Oh yeah Seattle has banned plastic disposable water bottles). The smell of marijuana in the air at times, even people smoking in public near police officers (my hair smelled of reef later, and I think at some point I might have been high just breathing it in accidentally). Overall it was fun and great to feel the pulse of many people having fun.

On a more serious note…..I also went to the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum. Mom wanted to go since it opened this past week. I never was a person to walk through art galleries, but I made the exception this time. Some of the pieces I have seen a few years ago in Tacoma on the glass bridge that spans part of interstate five road way were displayed here. Dale Chihuly is a local glass blowing artist in the area. His work is displayed here for the masses to see, and for people to learn more about glass blowing. Garden where some of his work is display is wonderful against the backdrop of the Space Needle.

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