We All Do It

Stupid does not sit well with me of recent. Especially when I am the one who does it. Sometimes the brain does things the heart has no clue about and then the heart does things the mind just cannot understand. There are times in my life where I have done things without really thinking through the consequences of my actions. Especially when they can end up hurting another. I never was a mean person, nor was I ever intentionally hurt someone, but when I am backed into a corner, I do things I never considered me.

Chasing after someone long after they don’t want me is one of those moments in my life. But the person needed to know one last time that I cared still but will not bother them ever again. I need to say one last goodbye and officially close the link to the person forever. I needed to tell them one last thing that was important for them to be able to move forward in their life. Selfish you say? No. Keeping something a secret from them, something they have the right to know is a mean thing to do. I will say this, I wont do it again, ever. They had the right to know that I experienced something they had done to me and I to myself. I could not go on as if nothing happened and have them never know they had in fact had impacted an event that will forever change me. To them, it is painful, or puzzling. But it is the truth, and truth hurts.