Life Must Move On

Break ups are bad. Mine was not so wonderful. I wished I had known how much of a jerk he was, and why he did the things he did to me. But as always, no one asks. Two years I spent with him. Two years of believing a lie. Was he really into me, or was he pretending to be? What did I do to him that would make him dump me on Valentines day-of all days, and then deleted me out of his life-like I was the plague. I feel like he has blamed me for everything in the relationship and  told his family how horrible I am of a person. He threw me under the bus in the end. I lost my job two days before he officially dumped me. A job he did not like me to have, one that he put so much pressure on. He punished me when he did not get his way when I did not do something he wanted me to do. He wanted to control me, set me against my family and friends. He tried to change me into the person he wanted me to be. He wanted me to go to mental health therapy because I had a problem with my anger when he was the one in mental health professional for a whole year for our relationship problems. He wanted me to get my sex dysfunction treated and then left me hanging with thousands of dollars in medical bills that I had to pay even with me being newly unemployed after dumping me.He threw me out of an apartment that I legally had the right to stay there and forced me to sign my name off the lease in the end. Along with being denied unemployment benefits and having to start from the ground and work my way up. Two years it took for him to destroy me, another year to get me back to where I was before he destroyed everything in my life.  I now know what it is like to be at the lowest point in your life, a point that I never thought I would see in my young life. He ran because he not a man, but a little boy who is scared of the real hard problems life serves. If he was a real man, he would have been there when the going to go tough, he would have been understanding, supportive and most of all, not had punched me when I was down. He is one of the biggest pricks out there.

In the end he will get what he deserves and he will one day take a look around a find he destroyed a relationship with a great girl or more. I am moving on and picking up pieces of my life. There is some one out there for me. I just haven’t met him yet. He burned a bridge with me. If he ever wanted to come back, he would have to do more than he is really willing to put in. To you Dennis Phillips, I hope one day someone will do the same to you.